Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Silver Lining - journal pages

Hi again my dear friends!
In all my creative life, in all I do and all I look for I'm mostly interested in one thing: stories. They can be hidden in the images, photos, objects - I keep wondering who could be touching my "found treasures" before they got in my hands, I make up new stories for the family I keep "adopting" on the flea market... I find new meanings in the photos, even if I was using them many times before, I let my imagination roam free and put together the most unexpected objects to create new, fresh ideas, tales, stories... I love stories more than anything, and I consider my personal projects to be some kind of "visual stories" as well.  When only I have a moment to listen to myself for a moment or two, take a deeper breath, many of them will show up, ready to be told.
This journal spread is an example of the process I was mentioning above. It is raw, organic, coming straight from the soul, there are no excuses or restrictions, just the story which was waiting to be told. 
With a great pleasure I came back to some of the techniques and mediums I didn't use for a long time, sometimes for years - It was like a deep breath after a crazy run... I was pleasantly surprised my fingers still remember a  trick or two! I'm so glad I let myself do it and I really love the results.
Even if the story itself is not the most heartwarming, the whole process gave me such a relief and pure joy. I'm so grateful for tis moment and I hope it will be inspiring for you - and for myself!

Here are the products I was using during this journalling session 
- all linked to our Mixed Media Place Store!

Right after I finished the spread above I felt this story was not ended yet, something pushed me to follow - and here is how these pages happened. I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.
Here is the text which was hiding somewhere on the tips of my fingers. So I just let it come out on the page, add the meaning and bind this page to the one I'd shown you before.
Hard to tell, which spread I like more - but I have sth feeling this is not the end yet anyway!

Sending you all my warmest hugs and wishes of great, creative week!


Helen said...

what fabulous pages - both of them are stunning. I don't think you should have a favourite; love them both equally!

Kaz Hall said...

Beautiful projects... I love the untold stories that pictures tell xx

Heather Thompson said...

amazing pages and so inspirational.

Jadwiga Kluczyńska said...

Zachwycająca praca ;)

KOLOROWY ptak said...

podziwiam i się rozpływam... cudowne wpisy!

Debby Lewis said...

Taxi kinda wonderful. I love it.

Lisa H said...


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