Monday, 4 July 2016

You Are Enough

Hello Dear Friends!
Last weekend we had the chance to admire Riikka creating her breathtaking journal cover (remember there's a fantastic giveaway on Riikka's blog!).
Today we meet with our lovely Denisa whose Denim Journal is pure delight! And the message behind her journal entry is something we all need to keep in mind... You'll love it!

What is your art journal wearing today? A weird question? Not at all. Well, mine is all in denim. :) Looking so glamorous and cool.
You know I love art journaling and what I tend to do is journal on separate sheets of paper most of the time. Although I do have several journals. :)

Here comes my denim journal that is the right thing for storing my mixed media thoughts. Tied with ribbons and  ready to go anywhere with me. Simply, love it.

Today I´d like to share one of my denim pages with you.

I started off by applying a thin layer of Clear Sculpture Medium on the paper covered with canvas.
I let it dry (used my heat gun) and then added a bit of Heavy White Gesso here and there. When dry I began to build up my cluster.

I grabbed a piece of gauze, put it in a bowl and poured a little of the Sculpture Medium on it (having the plastic gloves on to protect my hands). Just to make it a bit wet.
Then I put  the wet gauze on the canvas (several layers), formed a circle-like shape and hid several pearls underneath it. When I was happy with the shape I used my heat gun to dry it.
Just about 10 minutes and the cluster was stiff and sturdy as a stone. Amazing effect.
Note: when using a heavy cloth you may need to wait until the next day to air dry completely.

I painted the gauze with white acrylic and let it dry. Next I used my fave sprays, pigment powders and Art Alchemy acrylics to add some colors and to  paint the edges of the canvas.
I did some random stamping using stone grey archival ink and made some splashes in black, white and dark violet.

Next I attached Mechanicals Mini Stars, some stones, stickers, washi tape, pearls, a purple wire and an old metal clock part.

As the focal point I chose a vintage pic of a young man that I cut out and glued on the cluster. I added the quote saying: 'you are enough'.

You Are Enough. Just three words expressing a lot. Never underestimate nor undervalue yourself. You have to believe in you, leave your weaknesses behind and love yourself. If not you, who else will? Just keep that in mind when things may not be turning the way you planned.

Finally I punched three holes, put eyelets in and placed my aj spread into my brand new denim journal.
Happy summer time full of crafting ideas, my friends!

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Kathy Bradley said...

Beautiful denim journal and your journal pages are gorgeous.

Heather Thompson said...

stunning, love all the detail.

Chris E said...

Gorgeous 😍!!! I absolutely 💜 how you mixed the gauze & Sculpture Medium then shaped it into a circle adding the colors as you did...

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