Friday 22 July 2016


Hello dear Readers!
How about a travel to space? :) All is possible in mixed media collage and Gayle is an absolute master at it! You will love her new artwork and the step by step tutorial that Gayle's sharing with us today...
Hello dear Finnabair friends. My project this month is a dimensional page inspired by David Bowie along with the amazing range of Finnabair Mechanicals and the new Heavy Body Gel.
Two songs by David Bowie: “Starman” and “Space Oddity”, both have a theme of “space” or outer space, but each has an opposing message - one of hope, the other of despair.
In “Starman” the lyrics describe Ziggy Stardust bringing a message of hope and salvation to Earth’s youth through the radio; this message given to him from an alien “Starman”. In the song “Space Oddity”, Major Tom is in a bad way, “there is something wrong”, he is losing touch, “planet earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do”.
No.1 Strips of paper from Finnabair 7Dots Dreamer collection stuck down with Soft Matte Gel.
No.2 Crumpled patterned tissue glued down adding extra texture. The silicone Media Brush is perfect for this.
No.3 Colour and pattern added with ink and a Checker stencil.
No.4 Two large Pendant Caps from Finnabair’s Mechanicals range are adhered with 3D Matte Gel.
No.5 I am building up my “Starman”. Thick, White Crackle Texture Paste is built up around the eyes and painted straws added through the centre.
No.6 Oh, how I love this texture paste once dry...
No.7 I wanted the “Starman” to be surrounded by stars. I’ve used stars from Finnabair’s Mechanicals: Mini Stars, just gorgeous, Steampunk Blades and Steampunk Gears, which look like stars, Rusted Barn Stars and Star Brads.
I have left some rusty and painted some with Teal and Copper Mica Powders mixed with Soft Gloss Gel.
No.8 The “Starman” needed a head piece with wires coming out of it…
No.9 The small Pocket Watch from the Mechanicals range is the base. It’s filled with the Heavy Body Gel, Mini Art Stones pressed into it and the thin wire thread is shaped and pushed into the gel. This Heavy Body Gel is amazing - the wire thread is very light and flimsy, but the Heavy Body gel was able to support it. I didn’t have to sit there and hold each wire thread while the Gel dried.
No.10 I added tiny stars to the ends of the wire thread, and again, a blob of Heavy Body Gel was strong enough and “tacky” enough to support the metal star on a very thin strip of wire thread, without me having to hold it there until the Gel dried. Such a great product for building three dimensional layers. The Mini Art Stones were painted and some Micro Beads added.
No.11 To make my “planets” I used Magical Powders and set them under Finnabair Epoxy Stickers.
No.12 Planets and stars in space.
Here are some details of my collage:

Thank you for “travelling” with me and my “space” creation. I would like to hope, given all the violence and suffering, in todays world, that, Ziggy’s message of “hope and salvation for the youth of today” can be a reality...
Gayle xx

Materials used:

PS. I promised to announce the winners of the Denim Journal challenge today... :)
The artworks you sent us were so amazingly creative - every single one of them! Thank you so much for having denim art fun with us. Let me tell you this - my Creative Team had a super hard job choosing the final two...
For those who didn't win or didn't find time to send in a project - there may be another challenge this summer so don't lose hope and keep an eye on the blog. :)
And now put your hands together for two talented artists whose creations won our hearts the most:

Beatriz and Sylwia Gryczuk ! Congrats to you both!
Ladies, please send in your mailing address to: and we will be happy to send you your own brand new Denim Journals. :)

Hugs xx


Heather said...

Fabulous mixed media piece. Stunning. Congrats you two. All where amazing entries.

Asas à imaginação said...

I am delighted with your project, Gayle ... true work of art! ... Are stunning detail, very rich who composed a splendid look! I also charmed his text on the music of David Bowie and his final comment on the hope of a better world! Thank you, you have all my admiration!
As the result of Denim Challenge Journal, I was sad not to win but I recognize the merit and congratulate the winners!

ems84 said...

That piece is amazing! So intricate, and a perfect tribute to the Starman himself

Unknown said...

Omg !!, thank you so much !!! I'm so happy and honored by this award ... thanks, thanks and thanks to Anna and all your DT !!. Congratulations to Sylwia and atodas the girls who participated.
Gayle wonderful job !! ... as is always awesome !!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

This is a STUNNER!

Unknown said...

Gayle, you rocked this one right out of the park!!!!!! This is fabulous wow oh wow!!!!!

Tarnished Rose said...



corinne de france MARCH said...

Congrats you two.

Gayle This is fabulous <3

Mona Pendleton said...

Stunning project Gayle! A beautiful work of art! Love all the texture and variety of metal findings!

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