Friday, 1 July 2016

Marta's Tiny Art

Hello, Lovely Readers!
We have something small but sweet for you today.:)
Marta created some truly adorable assemblages using a very simple technique. Maybe you' ll feel tempted to create your own little mixed media cuties.

Hello everyone,
It's Marta Lapkowska here.
Small forms are my favoutire. Why is that? Probably the main reason is that I don't feel overwhelmed by the size of canvas. Sometimes it is easier to create some nice composition when we have less creative space. But... I said sometimes as I do believe that for some it could be actually opposite. Such a tiny space could also be very challenging.

Today I am back with five small art pieces.
I must say I absolutely love those and I truly enjoyed my creative time.
Those are simple but cool little things.

I started by gathering some recycled items on simple pieces of wood that served as the base for my tiny assemblages.
My next step was to arrange them into compositions and glue everything together using 3D Gel Medium.
Once everything was dry I covered all with Black Gesso. When the gesso was dry, I simply played with many different colors of Art Alchemy acrylic paints.

Look around your house for random objects that can be painted over, altered and turned into elements of a piece of art. Inspiration truly is everywhere...

I hope you will find these pieces inspirational and that you will try to create some small art on your own.
Hugs, Marta xx

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Unknown said...

At awe seeing your creation !! Its Amazing how you transform simple things into Outstanding art works !!

Shannon Helwig said...

So gorgeous Marta! Where did you get those wings? I'm obsessed with wings but have a hard time finding resin ones.

Tindaloo said...

Absolutely amazing artwork as always! so inspirational ♥
I have watched so many of Martas youtubes that her voice was in my head while reading the article like in her accent :)

Carole Dion said...

Wow this is so beautiful !!

talkis23 said...

lovely as always Marta wow

butterfly said...

Just love these tiny artworks from Marta - brilliant and beautiful.
Alison x

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous little pieces which pack a punch. Love them. Tracy x

Kathy Bradley said...

Your mini art pieces are all so pretty. The colors and elements are wonderful!

Maremi's Small Art said...

I got my wings in my local store with some stationer's shop some time ago, no brand. More like one off sale thing in their shop.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

I LOVe the idea so much!
You are so Talented!

Wilma said...

Love it!!!!

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