Monday 18 July 2016

Catching Dreams

Hello, Lovely Readers!
Today we're presenting an adorable project that Kasia made just for herself, simply listening to her inner creative voice.
This is such a great inspiration for us all! Let's take time and listen to the voice calling inside us! Wishing you a wonderful creative week... :)

this time I want to show you something totally diferent than usually. I've really wanted to make a dream catcher for a long time, but I always had other projects and never had time to make something only for me. But finally, it happened. :)

First, you need a wooden or metalic hoop (mine is about 25 cm) and wrap it with lace or twine.
Then you have to make the net inside the hoop. On YouTube you will find a lot of tutorials how to do this. I know that mine isn't perfect, but I think it has its charm. :)

I used wooden shapes to decorate my dream catcher.
I painted them with Art Alchemy acrylic paints that perfectly covered the wood.

Then I wanted to add some glitter and 3D Gloss Gel is a perfect medium to serve as glue in this case.
When everything dried, I used hair spray on glittered parts. It's important, when you don't want to have glitter everywhere. It turns out hair spray is an excellent sealer.
Can you see how perfectly the glitter colors match the paints?

At the end I added real feathers, beads and various pendants. You can use any embellishments that move your imagination or maybe are in some way meaningful to you. Simply look around your house, dive in the forgotten boxes or drawers. I'm sure you'll find some treasures. :)
You know me - there had to be a marine accent :) - a starfish that in my opinion corresponds nicely with a Mechanical star.

Happy dream catching to you all! :)

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Kathy Bradley said...

This is one of the most lovely dream catcher I've seen - and I am in love with the wonderful shades of blue and the glitter. Thanks for sharing.

Marci said...

Very pretty! Thank you for the step by step.

Asas à imaginação said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.

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