Monday, 11 July 2016

By The Sea

Hi there, folks!
A new week ahead and I hope you have loads of creative plans and art adventures!
After Kasia's gorgeous Denim Sea Stories last weekend, we continue with the marine theme in Linda's new project. A perfect summer holiday inspiration, wouldn't you say? :)
But Linda's tag is not only a visual treat but also contains a touching personal story. You will love it!

It's been a really, really strange summer here in the middle of the United States where I live. As I sit here, it's July 3rd, and it's supposed to be HOT...usually. But I'm in a sweatshirt and have on socks, and I’m wrapped in a flannel blanket. It's very, very strange.

Having said that, I'm longing for the ocean, the sea, a beach where the sun is shining, and the waves are rolling in. I want to see sand and seashells all around and bits of mica shinning on the shimmering water. So, this was my project for the Finnabair Creative Team. I hope you enjoy it and find inspiration to create.

1. I started with a #10 manila tag, Heavy White Gesso and my large silicone brush and spread the gesso over the entire tag.
When dry, I added Modeling Paste to areas using the Ripped Fishnet stencil.

2. While this was drying, I took scraps of cotton trim and soaked them with the Sculpture Medium, formed them the way I wanted and set them aside.
When dry, I added them to the tag with 3D Gloss Gel. I applied a wide swath of the gel and sprinkled the Mini Art Stones and Art Stones into it.

3. When it’s all dry, you can start to use your Mica Powder + water sprays to add layers of color.
I used blue/teal and a darker spray on the left side. Next I added the lighter pale silver and rose-gold Opal Magic + water sprays. (you will find the links below)

4. I used a mixture of Copper Micro Beads and Copper Glass Glitter to give it some sparkle in spots adding them with Soft Matte Gel. I coiled up some hemp cording and sprayed with the Gold spray, painted a chipboard cutout of coral with the Fresh Orange Metallique + Rose Gold Opal Magic paints, and glued them down with the Heavy Body Gel.
The 2 Rusty Gear Mechanicals were slipped into the Gel.

5. The background got another spritz of Mica spray and the Mini Stars are added.
Simple words are cut out and added for thoughts along the theme.

6. The Rust Glass Beads and a few Art Stones in a glass vial are the last to go on with the wonderful Heavy Body Gel. (That stuff is amazing!) Heavy White Gesso adds a bit of contrast.

7. This is another angle where you see the shimmer of the Mica Powder sprays as it changes as you move it.

Probably my favorite parts of this tag are the tiny shells that float in the trim. These shells were given to me by my dear late brother-in-law who was a soldier on a Pacific Island during the war. He gathered them up, put them in a small plastic cigarette box, and after many, many years, decided that I might like them. I treasured them, but never really knew what to do with them until I stepped back and looked at this tag. It seemed like the perfect spot to use these little gems.
I now have a special tag that will always remind me of him. It’s so much better than having them hidden away in a drawer and never being used.

Hope you're inspired to check out these new products from Finnabair. The Sculpture Medium is an amazing product that creates a solid structure out of fabric or trim. And the Heavy Body Gel never ceases to amaze me or work on holding heavy objects in place when it dries.

Your Friend in ART

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Linda O'Connor said...

Another amazing project, Linda. You've touched my soul with the 'seascape' I wanna go too.

Anonymous said...

Stunning to say the least! xx

Helen said...

what a gorgeous tag!

Kathy Bradley said...

Linda - beautiful tag that speaks to the sea! And, the story about your brother-in-law is lovely - I bet he would love this gorgeous tag too!

The Paper Layer said...

Amazing textures you have created on this tag,beautiful work!

Patty O'Malley said...

Love this tag!

Kerstin F. said...

Great inspiration!

2amscrapper said...

Beautiful tag, Linda. I've added sculpture medium to my list.

Kim Collister Studio said...

Inspiring awesome tag and a great way to use your cherished shells!

Asas à imaginação said...

Lovely tag...lovely details!

Chidkid said...

Wonderful work!

Unknown said...

Hi Linda, my name is Anita.
You have an amazing talent!!
I have been looking at your tag art for days and you have inspired me to try it. Thank you so much for explaining how you did it and the materials that you used, because I am clueless!! this will be my first time.
Thank you for your inspiration :)

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