Thursday, 28 April 2016

Verdigris - Texture Addiction with a Pinch of Patina

Hi again my dear ones.
I've just got back home after another amazing travel to USA - I was lucky to be part of 4 wonderful events  - very single one different and exciting! I'm sure many of you know already - all my photos I take during my travels are later uploaded here, to my Instagram account - so if you'd like what I was doing, when and where - I highly recommend!

Today my time and energy are a bit limited - travels and jet lag are taking their tolls - but I've got something for you,which was waiting on my plate for quite a while: project I've made for my "Verdigris" collage class, one of newly released class proposals which I hope will be successful and inspiring!

I'm addicted to texture - so this is not a surprise I just had to use TONS of fabric and  lace to create one of-a-kind, deep and layered background. my new Art Extravagance Sculpture Medium was so helpful here! I had the best time creating this composition and working on details: lace, cotton, Mechanicals, wire, flowers... and finally the altered spoon! Perfect combination, isn't it?

I was truly inspired wy the beautiful palette of the copper patina - and I was focusing on creating a colour and texture combination to create the effect which will be great imitation of it. After some experiments I think I succeeded and now I'm ready to share these ideas with you in this really cool mixed-media collage class... who is in? :)

If you would like to check where my creative travels are taking me this year - and perhaps book this or other classes - check this section of my website.  It's the best place to check for all the class updates!
The grand première of "Verdigris" is planned for beginning of June - I'll be teaching this and other inspiring classes at Art from the Heart store in Harrogate, UK and later the same month at Create with Kate, Co. Mayo in Ireland!
Check them out as there aren't many seats left!

I hope I left you a bit inspired today...
I'll be back soon!


Helen said...

love this, gorgeous colours and loads of texture!

Kathy Bradley said...


mamablitger said...

Oh gosh..... I LOVE your art. This canvas with an altered spoon is swesome. Fabulous colors, gorgeous selection of embellishment. And the layers you build up look fantastic. Such a lot of texture !!!
Thank you for sharing these "appetizers" for your different classes. I wish I could one of them. I also wish that one day you'll share a step-by-step tutorial AFTER having done the classes for that subject. I would love to watch a video about your progress. Your art is so inspiring.
Thank you.
Hugs from Monica

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