Monday, 18 April 2016

Layers of Love

Hello, Dear Readers!
Mondays are always such exciting days - every time I'm thrilled to start a week with brand new inspiration from my Creative Team.
Today it's time for talented Kasia whose layouts are at the same time traditional and innovative. You gotta love this girl's creativity! Feel inspired!

Hello friends,
today I have for you a very classic layout with my friends' photo. I love to make gifts, my friends know well about it and give me a lot of inspirational photos to use in my works. This is one of them.
I wanted to create a nice vintage feel and at the same time I was trying to make a project that would be clean & simple in style, but I'm not quite sure if I succeeded... ;)

You know that I love layers and here you will find a lot of them. I used paper, gauze, a paper doily and a molded piece. All separated with cardboard to add more 3D effect.
Don't be afraid to add as many layers as you wish, and then add some more! ;) Your work will become so much richer with additional space they create.

I'm not going to describe every step here as I made a video tutorial you will find below. You can follow my whole creative process there.

All the splashing was done with Art Alchemy Opal Magic Paints. Can you see this beautiful shine?

Stamping is an essential final touch. For me this seemingly small addition of black accents always makes the project more complete.

And here's my video tutorial, feel free to find inspiration! :)
If you have any questions about my process, please leave a comment below and I'll be happy to answer.

Have a creative week!

Materials used:


Ann said...

Love it!

c.szyba said...

bye from France

sue said...

So beautiful! Do you mind me asking how this is kept or shown in your home? Do you put it in a frame or how is this displayed? I see these beautiful 3d displays and am unsure how one would display such a piece of beauty - I wouldn't want to put it in an album b/c it would take away the 3d effects (flatten) if you will. Thank you for sharing your creative process!!!!

Kasia Bogatko said...

Thank you Suzanne! :) Feel free to visit my blog, I showed there my scraproom and my place for projects like this - I have the steel cables on which hang the newest and most favorite works and all the rest I vae in the boxes.

Unknown said...

Nie mogę się patrzeć takie to cudo!!! Koniecznie proszę pomyśleć o Koszalinie!!!

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