Monday, 4 April 2016

Fallen Angel

A new creative week ahead of us, dear Readers!
Thanks to Denisa we'll start it with a unique assemblage piece that will surely make you pause and reflect.
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Jaded by life but still having faith in goodness and love. Broken-winged but still capable of compassion.
Thousands of fallen angels come our way every day. Never knowing who they really are and what struggles and hell they had been put through. Harsh life broke their wings but never destroyed their inner beauty.
I think they are admirable. This is my tribute to all these tattered angels.

First I had to find an old little doll. I cut her hair off and applied several layers of White Gesso all over her head.
Then I sprinkled some Micro Beads on the hair area and covered them with White Gesso again. I let it dry.

Since I wanted to make a tattered angel, I didn´t want it to look too neat and attractive. That´s why I decided to use an old wire for the body and a crooked halo.
I found an old metal clock part (quite heavy) – a perfect stand for my assemblage. I attached a long crooked wire on it and started to form the body. When I was happy with the result I added metal Mechanicals Wings (also covered with White Gesso).

Then I covered the wire with Rust Pastes (red and brown), let it dry and assembled the figure. I attached a red rusty Tin Heart and added a gem on it.

Next, I added a bit of color on the head and wings. I used a grey pigment powder, a brown spray and Mica Powders (applied with a brush and sprayed with water). I let it dry.

Then I stamped the word why on the angel´s head using black Archival ink.
I also glued on some bits of vintage and chevron washi tapes on the stand and wings.

Then I sprayed the stand with a bloody red colour. I formed the halo and attached it on the angel´s head. Next I printed out the sentiment and glued it on.
I did some final wire touches and my very first sculpture is done.

Wishing you a happy crafting and remember to fly because you never know who or what may break your fragile wings. So better use them now. They´re made for flying.

Materials used:


Unknown said...

Extremely fascinating project! Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

MakaArt said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning work!

gibonik said...

Man.. that's creepy... and awesome either:)

Wilma said...

Wow, so cool!!!

Athanasia said...

Cool!!! Stunning work Denisa!!!

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