Saturday, 16 April 2016

Rusty Heart

Hi there dear ones!
Today I'd like to show you what's hiding behind the covers of a book I altered a while ago. :)
I just couldn't resist and gave this lovely book a complete makeover so when you open it, the book reveals its very special heart:

This project is one of my brand new 2016 classes and it comes in options: Rust Affection during which we spend a full day creating both the cover and the inside of the book, or the class can be made shorter and then we either decorate the cover at Book of Rust or have fun with just carving out the inside niche during Rusty Relic class. Each of these options is equally exciting, I assure you. ;)

The gorgeous Flaming Heart comes from Sandra Evertson's inspiring Relics & Artifacts line.
And as you can clearly see, the key word in my project is Rust and it's so much fun to be creating it all thanks to my very special new 'art babies' called Rust Pastes...
You can easily achieve a wide range of some amazing effects thanks to these pastes and trick the whole wide world turning different objects and surfaces into quite convincing 'long lost' 'ancient' items. :)

You can use the Pastes on literally every surface - can you just imagine the possibilities...?
I felt no restraint and I used A LOT of them and I love the effect. The Paste itself is quite subtle so I felt I would use Art Stones to add more variety and interest to my surfaces. I love how the textures worked out here!

I also added some of my new Mechanicals that are already 'rusted' so they much the whole scheme just perfectly.

Products I used:

You can read more about my Rusty altered book class offer {HERE} and I hope I will see you there one day.
Thank you for visiting  - make sure you come back on Monday to see a new art project & tutorial by one of my super talented Creative Team Members!
I hope you have a wonderful creative weekend!


Sharon Y said...

Oh! You had me at rust paste! What an awesome project. Lucky students who get to take the class.

Seth said...

Be still my rusty beating heart!

Jenna Opsahl said...

Wow, beautiful work!


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