Monday, 25 April 2016

Special Fairy Guests

Dear Friends,
I'm sure many of you remember the time when Riikka Kovasin was part of my Creative Team.
Her breathtaking artworks and endless creativity never stopped to amaze us...
Today I have the pleasure to present Riikka's talent once more as she kindly agreed to Guest Post on my blog this month.
And - as always with Riikka - you will simply fall in love with her new project... Enjoy!

I’m not sure if it shows, but I simply adore the Sculpture Medium! It really opened a new door for me and added something fresh to my choice of mediums. The medium just invites to play and try out your limits – so I did something I’ve not done before!

When thinking about a project to do, I had a vision of an elf-like creature holding an alarm clock. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any old alarm clocks in my stash nor did the drift stores have a proper one so I altered my original idea a little. This fairy got a spoon next to her so she can spread joy with it.

She was the first one I made and the second creation following the same idea was her opposite in many ways. She was black and sad and dark. Then some time went by and I really wanted to do another doll-like creation. The first two canvases were about 9” tall so I went with a larger scale this time. This piece stands 20” tall.

You can use the medium to any material that absorbs it – like for fabric as I have used in these canvases but also to paper flowers for example. The clear medium turns them almost like porcelain, hardening the otherwise soft and delicate material but still remaining light and beautiful.

When my daughter saw me working on the third piece, she immediately reserved it for herself. That made me so honored! I titled the piece “Angel of Music” as I included some music elements in there and even more because the whole time I was constructing the piece, a song of that title was playing in my head!

The key to success is to really soak the material that you want to harden but little by little. If you flood the project in one go, you might end up with medium spilling over and going to waste, but little by little add it to the fabric or other material and you’ll have a success.

I urge you to have a go with the Sculpture Medium as it’s so much fun and so easy to use! Just let your imagination soar!
And if you'd like to know more about my creations, {HERE} you will find a detailed step-by-step tutorial.
Happy creating!

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Kathy Bradley said...

I am so loving your wonderful new magical and whimsical characters. Your work, as always, is gorgeous. All the details on the pieces are awesome. I love each one!

Michaela said...

just beautiful!!!

barbara macaskill said...

Totally awesome!! I especially love the blue one!! It matches my hair perfectly!!! TFS!

MakaArt said...

Great job!

kigabet vel Ki said...

osiem lat ... więc odkopuję wspomnienia i wracam myślami do wspólnie spędzonego czasu, kiedy nie gnał on tak szybko ;) zapraszam do siebie ... na wspominki i nie tylko - ściskam

Marci said...


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