Monday, 4 January 2016

Not Defeated!

Dear Friends!
Is your New Year starting creatively? :)
We're here to inspire you to create some new art with Denisa whose expressive art journals take my breath away every single time...

Hi! It´s Denisa here with an art journal spread.
Had to do something a bit vintage, powerful and wild. No sparkles and stars this time. We´re starting a brand new year and there´s no doubt we´ll have to face new problems, difficulties and struggles.

Therefore my positive motto for you today is to be strong, be daring and never give up without a fight! Never fall on the floor defeated! And this is the theme of my AJ.

Here´s how I made it:
I started with a double page of thick scrapbooking paper. I rounded the edges and covered the whole paper with a thin layer of White Gesso using my old credit card. Let it dry.
Next I did some stenciling using my fave stencil and Light Paste.

When dry, I added a bit of colour using various sprays. No holding back. Wild and dominant colours. I let it dry and applied another thin layer of White Gesso here and there, this time applied with my fingers and a wet baby wipe to achieve the smoky look.
When dry, I did some random stamping using black and red Archival Ink. I added some more colour, stamping and started to build up the cluster.

As the focal point I chose a vintage lady whose pic I framed three times using a chippie, a wire and a canvas ornament.
I also used some lace, Mechanicals Flowers, Mechanicals Stars, paper bits and leather bracelet leftovers.

I printed out the sentiment saying: She battled with fears inside her mind but never fell on the floor defeated. I adhered it to the paper using Soft Matte Gel.
Next I inked the edges using dark blue Archival Ink. The last thing I did were some Ecoline splashes and drips.

To make the texture of my page even more intereting, I sprinkled some Berry Micro Beads.

Hoping no problems come in your way this year and if so, just remember my motto.
Wishing you a perfect year all around - full of inspiration, peace and love!

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experiments in paper said...

Your pages are stunning!! Thank you for the wonderful step outs of how you achieved such a beautiful background and layering! xx Lynn

Linda M. Cain said...

Gorgeous colors!!!!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Your journal pages are gorgeous - wonderful bold colors, awesome photo and sentiment!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! The layers are stunning, but my favorite part has to be the "smokey" look you created in the first couple of steps. It looks like it came together like magic! I'm inspired to give this a try in my art journal although I never seem to have any baby wipes around...

SewPaperPaint said...

Gorgeous page! Absolutely gorgeous! Really enjoyed reading about your process and your clever little sentiment strip. <3

smokeysmom said...

I love this quote!

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