Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Grungy Girl

My lovely Readers!
Before I show you another one of my new artworks, you need to know that I'm having the time of my life.
January is always a very special month - I have the chance to finally - after months and months of dreaming, designing and careful planning - present my new art babies to the world!
If you're curious, take a look at this sneak peek post and Prima's instagram where you can see what I've been up to. ;)

I'd also like to show you this video by Kirsten Hyde in which I show the possibilities of some of my brand new products.

There will be more to come - keep an eye on Prima blog and on my facebook profile & if you'd like a peak at what CHA was like for me, go straight to my instagram.

Ready to see some of the new products in action? :)
Here's my new project - starring: Art Alchemy paints, Art Pebbles, Art Stones and some new Mechanicals (all coming soon to our store!).

Even though the focal point of this piece is this adorable little girl (from my Ephemera collection) encased in a Mechanicals Heart Locket, you know me by now... little girls don't always have to be sugary and cute. ;)
Who said little girls can't be grungy and a bit moody, hm?

I filled the locket with some Gold Glass Glitter to add some sparkle to the dark background.
Found once at a flea market, this vintage book got a completely new life thanks to the combination of White Crackle Paste, Heavy Black Gesso and Art Alchemy paints.

All the round shapes are my new Art Stones and Art Pebbles painted over + one placed right on the girl's photo.

So what do you think? Did I manage to increase your appetite for new Finnabair goodies? ;)
I'm rubbing my hands, waiting impatiently to see what you will create!

Sending you the warmest of hugs


Patty O'Malley said...


Unknown said...

OOOoooh! This all looks amazing! I would love to get my hands on those art pebbles, art stones, and that pixie dust spray. Do you know where I can find your line of products in the U.S.?

akwamaryna said...


Właśnie Cię odkryłam i jestem zachwycona. Robisz czasem jakieś szkolenia w Polsce?



Lisa H said...

oh yes, that's fabulous!!

Helen said...

It's gorgeous, and yes I want the new stuff!

Unknown said...

Fabulous! The cover looks awesome!

finnabair said...

Taylor and Simon says stamp always carry a lot of my product as well as other Prima stuff. Check them in early February!

finnabair said...

Taylor and Simon says stamp always carry a lot of my product as well as other Prima stuff. Check them in early February!

phillymam37 said...

Gorgeous project!! Love the layers and textures you achieved to make this project a unique work of art!!! :)

mamablitger said...

This project is awesome. Love how it turned out. And all the new goodies will for sure tempt me. The heart you used on the front looks fabulous. Cant wait until February...sigh... Lol...
Thank you for sharing.
Hugs from Monica... Spain

Kimberly Daniels said...

This project is amazing! As always, I love all things Finnabair.

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