Sunday, 17 January 2016

First Periscope Ever - Greetings from Winter CHA 2016 :)

Hi again my dear friends!
I've just got back from the most amazing, creative and...busy place on this planet which was of course Winter CHA 2016 in California! Again I had a chance to work with a group of friendly, supportive people in our beautiful Prima booth and present my new Art Babies to the world... huge thanks to you all who took the time to come, stop by to watch my demo or just say hi. You made me feel so special!
I know there is a large group of you who would like to see how our booth or the whole show looks like... and here comes modern technology to help!

Encouraged by many and with a huge help of my friends I tried to do my first ever Periscope for you all - and I was even able to record it and upload on my You Tube. Great success for the beginner, huh? So, if you'd like to have a look at live-recorded products introduction and mini demo - you can see it here or subscribe to my You Tube channel :)

If you like the idea of Periscope App (works both on Android and Apple) you can start following me to be up to date with my latest ideas, travels and news - just a hint: Frankfurt show - Paperworld 2016 is coming!

There is one more important info for you - 2016 classes are coming closer and closer!
I'm starting this creative year visiting UK, Belgium, USA... and more! You can check longer list and save your date here, on my Live Classes Page.

Here are are some the events already opened for bookings - check them out!

See you soon - and don't forget to check new tutorials of my fabulous Creative Team this Monday and Friday too!
sending hugs


Kimberly Daniels said...

What fantastic new products!! I always love your work too. It was a little hard to hear you because of the people talking over you and interrupting you. But we could still look and see what's going to be released. We love you Finnabair!!! Keep up the great work.

finnabair said...

I know Kimberly, but Prima booth was so busy, no chance to find a quiet spot or a moment when people are out... we did our best :)

Adrenalina said...

Hi Anna! I stop by at CHA and you are awesome.. I can't wait to have all your products in my hands!!! You are a very special and inspirational person, I love your work I hope one day have the opportunity to have a class with you.. xoxo
Magda Cortez

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