Monday, 14 October 2013

Why so serious?

Hi there!
I bet you're wondering what's inside the journal I showed you last Friday. :)
Wanna take a peak inside?

But before you do...
...the whole idea behind these pages is something I do both during my classes and at home for myself - simply let go and play! There are no fancy supplies - just some masking tape, pencil, stamps & inks. Which only proves that you can create something special even with limited supplies.

Why so serious?

Why so serious? (detail)

These pages might remind you of the ones I made for Creative Jump Start 2013.
If you go back to this post, you will also find my video showing the whole fun process.

And one more spread that is all about stretching my creative muscle...

Search for your style

The words on the card I'm holding in Polish mean: "Search for your own style. Be the original, not a copy.

Search for your style (detail)

Search for your style (detail)

Have you guessed what the tiny squares are next to my photo? Yes, indeed - they are 3D foam squares. I simply grabbed whatever was on the table and it turned out they make great embellishments! :)

So what are you waiting for?! Grab whatever's at hand and just enjoy! And...why be so serious all the time?! ;)
Have a great creative week!


MARCH said...

vous êtes la meilleure ^^

Helen said...

Great pages, Anna! Have a creative week. xx

noomiy said...

Ale inspirujące! :)

Danielle Champagne said...

I am from Canada, it is Thanks Giving today! I am sending you a big Thank you for sharing your ideas, you give me a good kick - somewhere I will not mention - simply to dare try, and let go of the so serious things I have learned during my art school time from so well thought teachers, and reach in my heart where FUN has been kept prisoner for so many years. thank you, Anna, you are GREAT. Hugs!

nowalinka said...

Swietne wpisy, takie lekkie, pogodne i kreatywne :)

Camille said...

Bravooooo !

Sarah-R said...

Fantastic pages! You create such striking work with such simple materials - inspirational!

Audrey Mislan said...

Great pages. Once again, great inspiration to go and play

frezja said...

super :))

Sascha Schmidt said...

So cute! Amazing texture