Monday, 21 October 2013

Andrew in Wonderland

Hi, everyone!
Are you having a good Monday?
Today I thought I would show you how I sent my hubby to Wonderland. ;)

Andrew in Wonderland

I usually prefer to use the light and "empty" side of papers for my LOs but from time to time I think it's fun to play with rich colors and patterns.

Andrew in Wonderland (detail)

Andrew in Wonderland (detail)

This layout was created on my old Wonderland collection. I used a little bit of Prima embellishments, some chipboards, Silks paints, gel medium and of course - my beloved found ephemera.

Have a creative week, folks!


Ann said...

Gorgeous colours - so rich!! Love it.
Have a great week, hugs
Ann xx

Mia said...

Absolutely wonderful!
/ Mia

Bellaidea said...

Thanks , I have a great day :).This is a really nice page, love colors and design.

Danielle Champagne said...

Love it! Hugs.

Licho_Nie_Spi said...

My beloved collection :)
Awesome and mysterious work!

Scrap Man said...

Rewelacyjne! Napatrzeć się nie mogę.

Carol said...

Very Very Cool!!! I love the colors :)

kateri said...

Love, love, love. As usual I studied your piece for a long while. I'm curious as to what the bronze colored round item is. I can't figure it out. Earring? This is the paper, and your others, I have been hunting for in the US. I can get it in Poland but man are the shipping prices high. I think I asked before, but do you know if anyone in in the US carries that line of paper, and your other papers? I've got the paper that Prima carries. 7 Dots couldn't help. Language differences I think. It's SO beautiful. Your store linked me to 7 Dots. Any help would be appreciated. Should have sent you an email :) Thanks so much and have a good day. -- Kateri

kateri said...

Brilliant work :)

Janene said...

Love it as always!

Ava Gavloski said...


kiciula {Gatto-Arte} said...

ale świetny klimat stworzyłaś, absolutne arcydzieło :)