Friday 31 May 2024

May Ambassadors' Spotlight


Hello hello

I m the Steamkitty cat Misty

 I was wondering what style my outfit should be today and my mood was in a steampunk look.

First, my body just to know is from air dry clay and I wore a black uniform from Black gesso of course…

Then I added some touches of colour using the new metallic wax honey and black gold

I wanted some highlights to all my uniform cause it was dark and I used the new shade from a beauty shop the amazing wax celestial

My accessories were of course Grungy style gears and metallic other cogs and screws in colours like burnt Sienna, carmine from liquid acrylics and on the top aged brass and old silver metallic waxes and of course, don΄t forget I wore my red flame crown because I m a royal steam kitty cat.

I went out for my drink and had fun, so I took a selfie looking at the stars and used my head new filter very popular in Tik  Tok the famous rocket science

Hope you liked my dress today and if yes then you can let me copy my style….

Have fun


Cause I'm a nice cat I will give all the info about the shop I found all these products. It is the Mixed Media Place in Ireland.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place or online store:

Hello Sweeties,
Today I'm up on Finnabair's blog with a mixed-media canvas board. 

First, I primed the canvas board with White Heavy Gesso. Next, I selected some papers (old books mostly) which I glued with Soft Gloss Gel to the left side of the canvas. I added a thin layer of White Heavy Gesso to blend the papers. When dry, I added a design with 3D Gloss Gel and the Machinery Stencil. I painted the background with the Burnt Sienna liquid Acrylic when everything was dry.

I primed all the resin elements I've selected with White Heavy Gesso. I covered the gears with the Rust Effect Paste. 

I used different blue waxes to color the Baroque Frame: Cobalt, Charcoal Black, and Midnight. I highlighted the details with Vintage Gold and Old Silver waxes.

For the other resin elements, I used Vintage Gold, Old silver, and  Charcoal Black waxes to remind the color of the gears I've removed from an old alarm clock.

I glued all the elements of the composition with the Heavy Body Gel. I highlighted the details with Vintage gold and Old Silver waxes. I used the Ink Black Liquid Acrylic to add some shadow where needed. 

To finish, I added blue and gold glitter.

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place or online store:

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