Saturday 24 February 2024

Golden Afternoon mixed media project by Lori Woods

Hello creative friends! The new range of waxes is so gorgeous, it's difficult to choose which ones to work with! For this project, I wanted to create a warm and rich feel with a bit of a vintage touch- the new Manor House stencil and Honey, Coral and Red Flame waxes were perfect!

I started by applying the new stencil to the base and then created a composition using moulds, mechanicals and other bits and pieces. Everything was covered in white gesso then I started to apply the waxes. I began with Honey wax in the centre of the composition, Coral wax in the middle sections and Red Flame on the edges, blending the colours together to create a smooth transition. 

Burnt Sienna liquid acrylics then helped to pick out details on the moulds and create areas of shadow. I used Autumn glitters and mica flakes to add some extra areas of detail and it was done!

You can see the full process video here: 

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place or online store:

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