Thursday 8 February 2024

Finnabair Winter 2024 Release - Metallique Waxes

Hello friends!

Releasing new products is always a special moment. I am always curious about your favourite colours, your projects and your opinion. This moment is not an exception :) I am very excited to tell you, that in Finnabair Winter 2024 release you will find ten new colours of Metallique Waxes! Yay!!! Without further ado, here they are!

Ten rich, beautiful colours! Below you can see each of them separately:

969783 - Red Flame

969820 - Coral

969837 - Honey

Swatch of all three colours Red Flame, Coral and Honey:

969806 - Sea Glass

969875 - Midnight

969790 - Cobalt

Swatch of all three colours Sea Glass, Cobalt and Midnight:

969844 - Acid

969851 - Moss Green

969868 - Black Gold

969813 - Celestial

And if you want to see, how all ten colours look on a white and black background:

Check them all out and let us know your favourites!

And tomorrow we will show you some more new products by Finnabair :) So stay tuned for more :)

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