Tuesday 27 February 2024

Door to Fairyland by Lori Woods

Hello creative friends! Have you ever looked at something ordinary and seen the potential for extraordinary? I've had this chipboard phonebox for a while and wasn't sure what to do with it but then inspiration struck. Who would ever think that a secret door to Fairyland could be found through an old phone box?

I painted the base of the phonebox with Poppy Red Impasto paint, the perfect colour for a phonebox. Sand texture paste helped to create an old worn effect and Burnt Sienna acrylic paint added some age.

A mysterious woodland portal needs a touch of nature to it so I added branch moulds and moss for a woodland feel. 

Crushed Ice paste with extra glitter added the fairy sparkle!

You can see the full process video here:

...and I hope this inspires you to see the magic in the everyday!

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