Friday, 1 September 2023

Autumn vibe by Kasia Salmanowicz


In Poland, you can slowly feel the autumn vibe. You can see how nature is changing and as usual, at this time of year, there are autumn decorations among which pumpkin reigns supreme. I decided to make this kind of home decoration. Of course, you can see the whole process of creation in the video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

I started by applying White Gesso on my pumpkin-shaped HDF base. Later, I used one of the beautiful Tissue Papers, which I glued with Soft Gloss Gel. Then I secured my paper with Clear Gesso.

I glued all the additives using Heavy Body Gel, which I like because of its consistency and extraordinary durability. I used beautiful metal Finn flowers, small HDF additions and natural dry decorations. After drying, I covered the whole project with a layer of Clear Gesso.

I reached for wonderful paints from the Liquid Acrylic Paint series in autumn colours: Avocado Green, True Yellow, Burnt Sienna and Tiger Orange. Together they look great. Finally, some White Gesso and my decoration is ready!


Kasia Salmanowicz

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