Friday, 21 February 2020

Mosaic by Anastasia Korvyakova

Hello mixed media fans! Anastasia here. Lovely materials always inspire me to experiment. I wanted to create an old surface with rust and in the same time with a vibrant color and shabby spots. Rust effect pastes and waxes gave me this opportunity.

I altered box cover using Rust effect pastes, waxes, stencils and metal embellishments.
To start I prepared cartboard "tiles" and covered them with Black Gesso. I used metallique waxes and after wax layer dried well I applied mix of modeling paste with mica powder through various stencils. Then I glued metal numbers and added white acrylic paint. And after all this, it was time to add Rust Effect Pastes - brown, red, yellow.

When the pastes have dried, I added more wax on places without pastes. I heated my tiles with an embossing fen and removed some wax and patterns. As a result I have got shabby spots and black patterns in that places where I applied modeling paste on surface with black gesso only.

As a final accent, I used stamps from the Carte Postale set and sprinkled my tile with a mixture of black acrylic paint and water.
I prepared video tutorial for you. Hope you will like my idea! 

Hugs, NastyaLena
(aka Anastasia Korvyakova)

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