Monday, 9 July 2018

Canvas Owl's Spirit

Hi my lovelies,
Nature is the best we have on this planet. It gives us everything - air, food, shelter, but also relax, beauty and inspiration. Still more and more of us are aware of the importance of taking care of the whole planet. But inspiration coming from the nature was something, that was known even in caveman times. It is still absolutely alive and today you can see wonderful example of being inspired by nature. Watch Olya's video tutorial, read her thoughts and enjoy the inspiration coming from nature.

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Hello there lovely creative friends! 
Today I'd like to share with you my brand new inspiration - a mixed media canvas

Nature is the best inspiration for me! And I love using natural elements in my projects! This time I was fascinated by the bark of the tree, its texture and uniqueness. Therefore, I devoted my project to the forest theme.

I created a canvas with a black background. This is my favorite kind of base. The colors and waxes shine here best and such background gives so many possibilities. Since in a forest you can find lots of different textures, I also tried to convey its atmosphere. So at first I created a texture layer. I used Texture Paste - Black Sand with very large and beautiful particles. I put it through the Stencil -  Harlequin. It is very convenient to use paste with large particles and thanks to them my background has become unusual!

Then I cover all chipboard pieces with Heavy Gesso - Black. I applied paste to the canvas and let everything dry well.

In order to add a bit of texture to the background I used stunning Rust Effect Paste. In each jar there are sand sized particles. And the paste is just fantastic when used at the background. So I added a little of gray colored paste to the background to make its shades more natural. Then I changed the colors. I used two colors:  Acrylic Paint Metallique - Rustic brown and Sparks - Raven Black. You can mix them to get a more interesting shade and put them on the canvas.

Next, I added incredibly beautiful and unusual pieces of wood. Oh, this is an unmatched texture! Nothing can compare with this. I just stick it on the canvas and also glued a few chipboard pieces.
I covered several Mechanicals with Gray Rust Effect Paste -  Military and made a composition of all elements. To get contrasting effect. I used another very beautiful Rust Effect Paste - Camouflage. Here I took two sets of different light colors to bring out more interesting shades. Have a look, what fantastic transitions are the final effest! Then I wanted to work out my textures and add some shiny look. I used Waxes - Aged Brass and Vintage Gold, that I really love! Thanks to them each particle comes to life and became really visible! And what a velvety texture of waxes and that amazing smell! Waxes are undoubtedly my favorite!

I added some depth to some places using Gray Rust Effect Paste. This creates a more voluminous effect. And of course here you will see my other favorites - Art Stones! This is truly a universal and magical material - it connects all the elements and adds texture. A little bit of shine coming from Glass Glitter Gold Rush and Glitter Set - Luminous and the project is ready!
As you can see, you do not need much to create a beautiful canvas. The main thing is high-quality and best materials and Finnabair brand offers only the best!

I invite you to watch my video tutorial and to see the whole process of creating my project. Enjoy!

I really hope that I was able to inspire you!

Get inspired by nature. It is the most beautiful thing on our planet and of course please take care of it!

Remember that you are beautiful and everything that you create will be beautiful! This is creativity and the main thing is that you feel pleasure coming from the process! And the best and high-quality materials from Finnabair will help you create a real masterpiece!

With love, Olya. 

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store

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Sue Lelli said...

OMGosh this is so GORGEOUS! Thanks for the inspiring tutorial!

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