Monday, 23 July 2018

Butterfly magic by Juliya

Hello lovelies,
There are times, when we have to leave our comfort zone or intentionally we push ourselves out of our comfort zone. This is the way we can try new things, gather new experiences and maybe find something fabulous, that we haven't thought about! Juliya stepped out of her comfort zone to create this project - take a look at the fabulous outcome!

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Hello there, lovely creative friends!
Today I'd like to share with you my new inspiration - a mixed media reversed canvas.
This month I made a canvas about fairies. Summer is the time of butterflies, and I like to watch their flutter. And how sorry they are in the evening, when they fly into the light of lamps and are burned. And I thought that in a fairy-tale world there must be fairies who protect butterflies from the light of lamps. They turn light into beautiful crystals, and people are just happy that the rainbow light comes into their garden in the evening))

For work, I used the new beautiful Rust Effect Paste -  set of Anemone and Coral.
Pastes are very beautifully toned with waxes, that exhibit their texture.

Butterflies from the new collection 7 Dots Studio - Garden Party. I just cut them out, and I think they are beautiful)).
And what beautiful crystals from the new release! And really like pieces of sugar))

Please enjoy my step by step video tutorial!

For me, red is always a way out of the comfort zone. And I really liked this experiment with color. The paste has bright, rich colors. It creates a beautiful texture! And I know that I will return to this set more than once))

I hope that my work will inspire you too, to leave your comfort zone. And try new combinations of color and texture for yourself. Try a new set of Rust Effect Paste Anemon and Coral in work!

Products I have used - all the images linked to Mixed Media Place online store

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