Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Finders Keepers - altered clock frame

Hi again!
Today is St. Valentine's Day and although I'm not that much into celebrating it - I found a project to show you which will fit perfectly into the "love is in the air" mood! It is an inspiring mix of "grungy" and "sweet" and love the photo of us I put in this frame too - great fit, don't you think?
When creating this project I wanted to get the result quite opposite to my "Heart of the Clock" class - instead of black and metallic look, full of drama and shining elements I picked delicate and feminine colour palette and "broke it"a bit with rustical, vintage touches. I could not wait to see the results of my new Rust Paste sets in action - so I added a few new clours to create the impression the clock got covered in rust and moss - and oh, how much I love this raw, organic look!
My new Paper Paste, which I used to cover the whole frame in a quite random mood is a great, partly absorbent surface to work on. Beautiful, matte texture it gives is just perfect to spray or paint with acrylic paints - and the results are outstanding!
(You can see more in this Facebook Live Video, if you'd like to learn more!)
There are literally tons of layers packed inside - you can see lace, chipboards, Prima flowers, my Mechanicals and much, much more, all that spiced up with a bit of colour and microbeads for extra shine. Because you always need more sparkle in your life, right?
The outside of the frame is pretty busy too - clusters of flowers, pebbles and metal elements were all glued together with Art Basics Heavy Body Gel and painted with Snow White Art Alchemy Impasto Paint, which is so opaque and matte it can be used instead of white gesso. Later I was just playing with spraying, highlighting (Metallique White Pearl paint is a must-have on my table!) and rusting... Fun!
I've made this project for Art Venture Class in South Africa - so it is going to stay in our home for sure - and as it is so close to my heart, I'm very happy about it. It's been a while since I was using a photo of us both, especially taken so recently on my project... it is going to be a special keepsake for me!

I hope you like it - here are some art mediums and embellishments which I used - all linked to Mixed Media Place Store:

Wishing you a wonderful day, filled with love and happiness!


Amy Martin said...

Beautiful!!! I love the idea of the photo. Im gonna have to get to upcycling the clock I have.

Sue Lelli said...

This clock is so STUNNING, Anna! LOVE all of the details and LOVE that photo and sentiment! Can't wait to play with your new paper paste!

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