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Brand Ambassadors New Products Reviews {Part 2}

Hello My Dears!
A while ago my wonderful Brand Ambassadors shared their stunning artworks with us all, reviewing the brand new Finnabair products that were released in January.
Make sure you didn't miss that post!

I must say that I'm deepply touched by their enthusiasm and so inspired by their creativity...
Today, I'm proud to present another part of gorgeous art created by my Ambassadors and hear what they have can say about all my new paints, pastes and brushes. :)
Please, enjoy this collection and let us know what you think!


I love this new release!

The new Art Alchemy Metallique paints have amazing colors and the new inspiring Rust Effect Pastes sets are just jumping into my hands and asking to be used! :) 

Today I'd like to share a Mixed Media heart I created. I used my plotter to cut out the base and adhered a few cardstock scraps onto it. And then the magic has begun...

I started with adding white Paper Texture Paste. I especially recommend it to those of you who are looking for a perfect white paste.

Then I added Metal Rust Pastes. After adding some embellishments I used one of the Art Alchemy Waxes.

Everything looks so beautiful on the textured paste and I loved the whole process! I have created a video so you can see my creation step by step and all the yummy new products I used. Enjoy!


Today I would like to share with you a canvas called, 'Shattered".
I created this canvas painting using many of Finnabair's divine products, but most especially the new release Art Alchemy Plaster Paste and the Metallique Acrylic paint Rustic Brown.

The Plaster Paste is quite possibly THE most DIVINE dimensional product I have ever used to create patterned dimension with a stencil! Oh My Gosh!

I can't describe it any better than my most amazing Team member Gayle, who said: "I was amazed at how light and smooth this beautiful paste is… It reminds me of the white, chalky, super smooth surfaces the old masters would have painted on."
It really is like softish butter and an absolute dream to apply!
Just one tip though: if you are creating in high temperatures, like we are experiencing 'Down Under' at the moment, work quickly as it is fast drying ­čśŐ.
I also used the fabulous new release Rustic Brown Metallique Acrylic paint! Along with Finnabairs Black and White Gesso I mixed and created all of the colours used in my painting.
I only used very small amounts of this highly pigmented paint as I built up the layers [using both and wet brush techniques]; combining with the gesso's in both thin and thick consistencies. They worked so well together! Big love for the new colour releases for the Metallique acrylic paints!!!

RUN! don't Walk my creative friends to your nearest Store as these products are a Must Have! :)


Just like everyone else, I’d been patiently waiting for the Finnabair releases and of course Anna didn’t disappoint with her newest productsTexture Pastes, Rust Effects Pastes, Metallique Paints, Dabbing Brushes and Mechanicals. With so many products, it was hard to narrow it down to just one project to showcase everything!

For those of you who follow my posts on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been collecting new finds at thrift stores, antique malls and markets.
Because I wanted to showcase the versatility of the new Camouflage Rust Effects Pastes, I decided that I’d use a pair of home decor pieces to showcase the rich colors and textures that can be created with this set.
If you haven’t used the Rust Effects Pastes, there are multiple sets to choose from – and the colors are completely interchangeable between all of them, giving endless color combinations to work with!

One of the features of the Rust Effects Pastes is that they can be used on virtually any surface without any prep work, which was perfect for transforming these plastic home decor pieces.
For this project, I wanted to show everyone the different results that can be made with the same set of pastes for completely different results!
On the left (with the keyhole), I worked from lighter to darker by first applying the Dusty color from the Camouflage Rust Effect Paste set with a Dabbing Brush which makes applying the pastes so simple and easy!
Next I highlighted with the Brown paste, finishing with the Dark Olive one.
On the right (with the key), I applied the colors in the opposite combination from darker to lighter – Dark Olive, Brown, and then Dusty. And the results? Completely different and both so amazing!
Although these pieces were beautiful with using just the Camouflage colors, of course I couldn’t resist adding some new metallic highlights with two of the new Metallique Paints in Rustic Brown and Golden Moss. By dry brushing these colors lightly onto the texture, the metallic highlights just add an added dimension and highlight to the finished home decor pieces.

The possibilities are absolutely endless with the other two new Rust Effects Paste setsMilitary and Metal Rust. Don’t let the names fool you, these sets create stunning results that you can’t create with any other products!


Who doesn't love a new product release,  I sure do,  it makes my fingers tingle in anticipation... :)

So today I have a little loose journal page 'Twinkle, Twinkle', my 1st and main focal point is this beautiful girl image from the Ephemera Melange set. 

The new Paper Texture Paste is a dream to paste over a pre-gessoed background with the Mixed Media Silicone Brush. Its light and fluffy mashmallowy quality is a delight to work with.
It's also cool to flick dollops of this paste onto your background to give a lumpy effect. When dried, the surface of this Paper Paste has a granulated looking effect, paints and waxes are a dream on this uneven finished surface - texture heaven!
I went for 4 of the new Metallique Paints as they truly are irresistible -
the Royal Blue and Ice Queen are perfect used side by side, blending and melding into one another effortlessly, you can get so lost in these blues...
the Rustic Brown and Romance Pink throw off magical iridescent gold sparkle when the light hits them, they gave my page a rich and colorful depth.
This new Rustic Brown Metallique Paint is perfect for using alongside sepia pictures, the sepia like color hue melts the sepia picture into any background. 

As usual I use the paints straight from the pot for the strong pigmented pop of colour and watered down for the beautiful blurry soft watercolor effect.
And hip hip hurray for the Dabbing Brushes! The large one is just perfect for the dry brushing technique, it cut my time down to dry brush the edges of my piece using firstly, Metallique Rustic Brown, then Black Gesso by three quarters of the time it would normally have taken me to do this... AmaZING tool!

P.S. Don't forget to lightly run a little Art Alchemy Wax over your dry Paper Paste to maximise the textured look of this paste... Like I said earlier, texture heaven!

*   *   *   *
Gotta love my Teams' enthusiasm, don't you think? :)
I hope you're all feeling inspired by the stunning artworks the Ambassadors presented today and we simply can't wait to hear your reviews and see what you all are up to with my new products!
Feel most welcome to leave a comment below or drop us a line (and/or a photo of your own creations!) in our super friendly Finnabair & Friends Open Studio facebook group.
Hope to see you there!
Finn & The Team

P.S. We have the lucky Giveaway winner!
I was reading all your comments and it was very hard to pick just one - but finally, I decided to pick Nancy Robards Thompson - her dream resonated with mine so much that it had to be it!
Please email us: to claim your prize!


kari said...

Amazing samples of Finn's fabulous products. Thanks

Amy Martin said...

Amazing creations!!! Your products are wonderful! They bring so much more to any project. I hope to get to play with the new products soon enough.

Katastrofee said...

Wow I came across this site due to me buying an old magazine at my local charity shop. I must say I am so impressed I think Ive found my niche after trying out lots of different arts and crafts which other people have always liked what Ive created but I felt something was missing. I love the articles and the ambassadors contributions, so full of inspiration. Any way I will stop waffling on, Ive read the magazine cover to cover and just bought a subscription to it and intend to purchase some new mediums and materials as my creative juices have risen. Thank you all for sharing your work

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