Monday, 30 October 2017

Meet Kelly & Olya

Dear Friends -
After the announcement of my new 2017/18 Creative Team I have a huge pleasure to introduce its new talented members - last week you met Tanyalee, Bipasha & Juliya and today you have another great chance to get to know two more Teamies!
I'm already rubbing my hands in excitement! :)

I'm so very pleased to introduce:

Kelly Mumford

1. Where are you from?
I am from the Bay Area California. I was born here (east bay) and still live here today. I love being so close to the many amazing cities here.  San Francisco is of course my favorite.  The Legion of Honor is there, my favorite fine art museum.  I also adore the town of Half Moon Bay.
A great day for me is my husband and I packing a picnic, my travel art supplies, and the bulldogs for a relaxing and restoring day at the beach. The beach is my happy place!

2. What is always there on your table?
A LOT of stuff! Essential oil diffuser with tons of essential oils, a cup of tea , tubes of acrylic paint, spray bottle with water, ink, glitter, paintbrushes, palette, scissors, papers, gel medium, & the list goes on and on! :)

3. What is your favorite color palette?
Usually all the bright, vibrant colors.  I love blues and greens. I have a paintbrush & palette tattoo on my wrist. The blobs of paint on it are the shades of the darkest cobalt blue to sea foam green. Colors of the sea!
4. What are your favorite creations?
I am most comfortable in front of a blank canvas and easel. I love to gaze at a white canvas and see what appears to me. I love to paint intuitively. I am always dreaming of what to paint next.

5. What are you inspired by?
I am inspired by many things. Color is always a main source of inspiration. My goal is have the viewer of my art experience feelings of joy and happiness. Color is so powerful!
I am also inspired by other artists, great ones of the past and current artists of today. The beauty of the world inspires me, nature and textures.  Inspiration is everywhere you look, from the puffy clouds in a blue sky to the colors and sights of big city streets!

6. When you see a blank canvas...
I am filled with excitement from the endless possibilities. It’s a fresh start to try something new!!! No fear! Be brave and create!

7. Cats or dogs?
Dogs! (Sorry cats) I have two English bulldogs, Daisy and Pearl. You can find them in my art studio, snoring on the couch while I paint. ❤️

8. Tea or coffee?

Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon!:)

9. Simple or messy?
MESSY! Embrace the wonderful creative mess! I love to have paint all over my hands and use the back of my hand as a palette sometimes!

10. What are you dreaming about?
I am always dreaming of painting and living with my husband and the bulldog babes on the island of Maui. I have a deep, heart & soul connection to Hawaii, and we hope to one day live there. Painting in paradise is MY dream! Aloha!

Connect with Kelly here:

Olya Kravets

1. Where are you from?
I'm from Ukraine, but now we live in Moscow with my family.

2. What is always there on your work table?
Different mediums and gesso, paints, brushes, sprays and my baby girl when I create. :)

3. What is your favorite color palette?
A combination of blue, violet and gold.

4. What are your favorite creations?
I really like all kinds of different creations, but most of all I'm into creating canvases and altered art.

5. What are you inspired by?
I'm inspired by everything around me - nature, movies, books, feelings, emotions and new materials to create.
6. When you see a blank page/canvas...
It feels like a great challenge. I can try out different possibilities, play with colors and test new ideas.

7. Cats or dogs?

8. Tea or coffee?
Definitely coffee.
9. Simple or messy?
Messy! My fingers are always covered in paint. :)

10. What are you dreaming about?
I'm dreaming about always being myself, inspiring other people, creating and being better at it every day.

Connect with Olya:

Please, help me say hi to the whole beautiful Team and let's make them all feel welcome to our friendly community!
I just can't wait to get this new term going!


Pooja Sharma said...

Congratulations to both of you looking forward for ur beautiful creation ☺

Marci said...

Great new artists.

Viktoriya Porechnaya said...

Congrats to Olya and Kelly! Wish a huge inspiration !

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