Saturday 28 October 2017

Ambassadors' Comfort Zones

Hi dear Friends!
My talented Brand Ambassadors are back with fresh inspirations, stunning art and some interesting stories to tell - as always! :)
This month I asked them to share what are the recurring themes in their art world - their favorite techniques, objects, colors, symbols etc.

Because who said that a comfort zone is such a bad place after all? ;)
I know you'll love this post!
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We all have our favorite colors, techniques and go to supplies. But I bet that we also have a re-occurring theme in our crafts, something we try to capture and create over and over again. I actually have several.

Naturally in my scrapbook layouts my two girls are a constant theme, but I also have a theme in my mixed media work. In large it's music. In more specific, it's my favorite band Turisas. 

I do make crafts about other music as well, for example about Finnish national anthem "Finlandia" or of Astor Piazzola's "Libertango", but the band that keeps surfing in my projects is Turisas. I think the first project was a heart canvas that I also turned into a workshop.

But this project is actually a part of a series I'm doing for the band members. I'm not sure if they are thrilled or not, but as I started with two band members, I think it's only fair that they all have a gift. This particular piece is done for their drummer, that's why the cymbal and the drumstick. 
The project doesn't follow my usual go to color scheme of blue, green and turquoise but it inspired by a poster of their latest album and the red and black face paint they use.
The golden disk has one of my all time favorite Finnabair embellishment - the Mechanicals Bottle Cap. They are so handy and go with every project!
The little Stars are also really versatile and go both with sweet, romantic crafts and more masculine and grungier things.
For more of Riikka's amazing art and info about her workshops go to her blog


I always reach for certain products to create my projects. It seems that bright and metallic are my color choices lately. 

You can use several products to work with, but here I used the Metallique Paints to add color and shine.

I had a plain wooden box that I base-coated with a wonderful sage colored paint.
Using the Iron Orchid Design Mould and paper clay, I added several pieces to the box. Then I added a watered-down glaze I made with Pitch Black Impasto Paint.

The final step is the light layers of Metallique paints applied in a dry-brush method.

The cracks in the paper clay and the rough box make for some delightful contrasting elements to this piece.
I originally bought this box to hold some of my ink pads. They did fit perfectly into the opening and take up little room on my desk. Space is at a premium on the work area right now it seems. 

I must admit I've always loved Linda's blog name. :)
Don't forget to follow it and check out this post in which Linda explains in detail
how she created this stunning box.


I actually have a whole list of different elements and products I most often use in my artworks:
layered pages from vintage books, old photos (both authentic ones and images from Ephemera sets), stamps, Gesso and metal embellishments.

All of these things constantly inspire me with their textures, shapes, scents and stories they tell.

This art journal cover is a perfect example of an artwork that is so very 'me'. :) I used all of my beloved elements and had a blast putting them together into one unique whole. You can see my creative process in this video.

I like to surround myself with objects that have their own history and soul, a little bit dusty, stained and maybe a little bit forgotten. I just love giving them a brand new life and save them from oblivion while telling stories of my own.
Make sure you go for more beautiful art by Monika to her blog!


For many years Louise's art journaling favourites included: a monochromatic colour scheme, mono-printing and stamp carving for techniques, and cute or slightly weird looking peeps.

However a few months ago she was starting to be bored by her own creativity so she decided it was time to change it up! Develop some new 'got to' techniques and themes!

So Louise joined in with an online Instagram challenge #the100daychallenge to focus on broadening her creative range by using more colour and starting to hand draw people and faces, instead of using a hand carved stamp of her own design.
Paint just casually slapped onto a white background without thinking too much about it to create a background for the drawings. No overthinking or getting caught up on ensuring that colours and shading/tones were correct.

Then using a black gel pen Louise just stated to draw her faces letting the paint shapes guide her! She let the painted backgrounds 'speak to her' and guide her on how to draw her faces.
As you can see they aren't realistic, they are abstract and just a little weird; so totally Louise style. Louise enjoyed this challenge so much that she now is more confident in using colour and just letting go and drawing her faces and people instinctively! This creative approach is now her new favourite! 

It went without saying that Louise would reach for her favourite water based paints: Finnabair Art Alchemy Impasto Paints! These paints are absolutely lush and the pigment depth is to 'die for'!

The best way to follow Louise's talent and creative adventures
is to keep an eye on her Instagram and blog!


My comfort zone is a multi-layered one. :)

I always reach for dozens of pieces of paper, die cuts, stencils and lately for circles. I really love circles.

This mini album cover is a perfect example of the things I love. Some of the layers are covered with Vintage Gold Metallique Wax and it gives an interesting metal look to the project.

I also always make sure to add small decorative accents before finishing the work: crystals and delicate paint splatters in this case.
Keep an eye on Elena's Instagram to be up to date with her classes all the gorgeous art!
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Aren't these Ladies crazy talented?!
We're very curious what your comfort zones consist of? Maybe you will find new favorite ideas after today's post? :)

psst psst... Keep an eye on the blog, there is more news coming your way. :) This very special group of my Brand Ambassadors is about to grow and I can't wait to introduce its new members!

Have a great creative weekend!
Finn & The Team


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Stunning projects!

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All projects are just fabulous! So full of details and goodness!!!

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