Friday 7 April 2017

Time Flies

Hello Friends!
This Friday Kasia is presenting this absolutely unique frame she created.
You will love Kasia's creative ideas and the nostalgic feel of this stunning piece!

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Hello friends,
I realy love to find new ways to use ordinary things. This time a folding wooden ruler caught my eye. I'm sure you can easily find something like that in a local store or maybe in your toolbox.

I used this wooden measuring tape to shape a frame and have a great base for my whole project.
You can watch the entire creative process in my video below. 
I painted the mould elements with Art Alchemy Sparks and rubbed with Art Alchemy Waxes.
This combination gives an extraordinary effect and ordinary paper clay magically turns into a beautiful relief.
I wanted this project to be rich, full of details and layers. I wanted my piece to be complex and make the viewers discover something new at every glance.
Before I started to work, I prepared a lot of items I liked and set myself a task of putting them all in that frame. And I made it. :)
Why I chose "Time Flies" for the title of my project?
Because I see here a little girl, but her look is very serious. And this reminds me of how fast this time flies... How fast we grow up and leave childhood and childhood dreams behind.
Please enjoy my video and have a good time.

Maybe my canvas will inspire you to create along and express your long forgotten dreams with paints and paper.

Or perhaps you may even return to your childhood dreams and try to fulfill them...

I wish you that with all my heArt. :)

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Unknown said...

OMG !! It's breathtaking!!

Rena Sawatski said...

Beautiful piece. Can I ask what those things with the gold stripes and gold stars were that you cut up? Straws, pencils or just rolled paper?

Thanks for the tutorial. My store has just recently got the waxes and am hoping to buy some and try them.

Kasia Bogatko said...

Thank you for your kind words Rena :) I used an ordinary paper straws :)

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