Monday, 10 April 2017

Reach For The Stars

Hello Friends!
Let's start this week with an absolutely magical art journal spread created by Sanda!
Sanda is known for her amazing textures and today you will see her talent in full bloom...

Speaking of Sanda - don't miss her inspiring Designers' Faves facebook challenge!
You still have time to submit your creations 'till April 14th.

And now - will you try to throw around some stars with us? ;)

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Hello wonderful people,
Do you get inspired by just looking at a wonderful painting?

This is exactly what happened to me when, browsing the internet one evening, trying to relax, I was admiring the marvels of Sistine Chapel and looking at Michelangelo’s 'Creation of Adam' (the famous fresco resting majestically on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling and painted by the artist c. 1508–1512) I was hit by inspiration. In a split moment, I knew exactly how my page will look like. 😊
This page is about dreaming and daring, about believing in yourself and your dreams, about being brave…

The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them.
If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)
I started my page by spreading a generous coat of Heavy White Gesso with a Finnabair brush.
I dried the gesso with a heating gun and then I applied a layer of White Crackle Paste with a 2 inches silicone brush. I left the crackle paste to dry overnight (don’t try to hurry this process as you’ll not get the same results).

After spraying some inks on my pages, I dried everything and applied a coat of Clear Gesso.
When the gesso was dry, I spread a thick layer of 3D Gloss Gel through Finn’s Stars stencil - it dries completely clear and the stars are really puffed up and gorgeous.
For the next step, I pulled out my wonderful Art Alchemy Metallique paints and started to bring my pages to life.
I went from light to dark, mixing the colours directly on the page, adding depth and vibrancy. Layer after layer of creamy, luscious goodness. 😊

When I was pleased with the result and after everything was dry, I fussy cut the hand and collaged it with 3D Matte Gel.
Then, I added my embellishments (chipboards and Mechanicals) glueing them down using Heavy Body Gel
I wanted to create some texture on my crescent Moon, so I mixed Graphite Texture Paste with Heavy Black Gesso and spread it with a brush creating an uneven surface.
After drying this layer, I highlighted the texture using Art Alchemy Opal Magic paints and added a glowing light around the Moon using Patina Effect Paste (Brass).

Next, I did some shadowing with Art Alchemy Metallique (Dark Velvet) and painted my chipboards and Mechanicals with Brass Patina Effect Paste and Art Alchemy Sparks.

To enhance even more the Moon’s texture and to give my pages more depth and an ethereal glow using my Art Alchemy Waxes. They add a layer of subtle, delicate and luminous beauty over the Art Alchemy paints, complementing and deepening the colours underneath. Pure magic, my friends! 😊
I lit all the stars in my sky with Art Alchemy Sparks, they are amazing!!!
You know me already and my love for texture, so I couldn’t finish today’s project without using one of my favourite Finn’s products – the Art Stones and Mini Art Stones, along with her Glass Beads, Glitter and Mica Flakes, all glued down with 3D Matte Gel and highlighted with Art Alchemy Sparks.

To finish my pages I added a touch of Mica Powder and some white splatters using watered down Heavy White Gesso.
Here is my video where you can watch my creative process and see all the products I used.
Enjoy and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired by my new project and you are ready to create some magic of your own.

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous and Happy Easter, my friends,

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sara j said...

What a great spread...full of depth, texture and fun. Thanks for sharing!!

Jackie P Neal said...

Absolutely astonishing Sanda!! Your artwork amazes me each time I see it!
Beautiful design and Texture Love is what I say!
hugs,Jackie ")

Sanda Reynolds said...

Thank you so much sweet ladies, so happy you liked it! Hugs, Sanda xxx

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