Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Art Celebration - Altered Brush Collage

Hi my dear ones.
Yes, I'm still away, still traveling - and I'm very happy to see some more of you this week in Minneapolis during Art Is You! Woo hoo - this is just a magical time for me and I can't wait to make my fingers dirty again!
In the meantime I'm working on the Summer 2017 USA Tour schedule - I have some of the dates for classes nailed down already... Can't wait to have it all done and let you know where you can meet me this time!

Speaking about classes - this is my next class proposal for 2017 - Art Celebration Collage, featuring a quite cool altered brush, with beautiful, rich metallic finish and my signature baroque composition!

I'm so happy to be able to share my favorite techniques during my classes with you all.
It is not only great to see you create amazing, breathtaking projects in my classroom, but I have to say that the very the process of teaching is simply priceless for me and I thoroughly love it...
I hope you can see how all these feelings translate into my works. :)
Every time when I'm working with found objects I get really excited and sooner or later I admit to myself: minimalistic compositions are not my cup of tea! ;)

In this collage/assemblage on canvas I had so much joy working with colored mediums and I hope you will have the opportunity to do it with me one day. :)

Just imagine how much fun it is to be creating layers of colors using different combinations and shades of my Art Alchemy Metallique Paints together with Metallique Waxes - the results are just magical...
Another thing that I truly love making and teaching are different kinds of textures.
In this case, I created some really great effects thanks to 3D Gloss Gel (quite heavy layers) and playing with silicone brushes, various texture tools and... a heating gun. :)
All the add-ons and pretty embellishments that always help to create the whole story are found objects and interesting little trinkets like sea shells or lost buttons + my Mechanicals and Art Pebbles - all safely glued with the infallible Heavy Body Gel.
Why I called this class Art Celebration?
Well, it's designed to ignite your imagination and help you find and enjoy the moments you forget about the world outside and simply immerse yourself in the pure joy of artmaking.

I know and cherish this feeing first hand and I'd love to share it with you all.
Will I see you there? ;)


BlueRose said...

Are you coming to NZ any time soon?

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Totally amazing. Absolutely love it... Amazing work Anna

IndyJaxx said...

Absolutely lovely!! When will this class be available? I SO enjoyed Imagine!❤️❤️❤️

Amanda Mason said...

Hi Anna....I soooo want to do this class, It looks fabulous....I really enjoyed your Imagine class......When will this one be avaiable? :)

Christine Burnett said...

Love it :-)

Gitte said...

Wow its awesome.

Nathalie Lilouscrap said...

Absolutely fabulous ! I love your magical style

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