Monday, 17 April 2017

Suns of Gold ATCs

Hello my lovely Friends!
We're starting this week together with Marta and a set of her magical ATCs...
The most beautiful Gold Rush is going on here. ;) Enjoy Marta's Art and a short video tutorial she made. Happy creating!

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Hello dear crafty friends!
Today I prepared for you something really special! My new art project is full of shine, yummy textures, dimension and lovely metallic colors.
I created a set of Artist Trading Cards themed "Sun".
My main idea was to make a piece in which my focus would be Melange Art Pebbles - they are smooth, shiny and very easy to attach to cardboard pieces (or any kind of surface really).
I also came up with the idea to use hot glue to create the rays of my Suns. I simply applied it with a hot glue gun and let them cool and dry.
The glue is permanent and you can easily paint on it, but first of all, I had to cover everything with Heavy White Gesso to prepare the surface. Once the Gesso dried, my ATCs were ready to be painted.

The Pebbles are originally transparent but I wanted my Suns to be as gold as possible! :)
I used amazing Art Alchemy Sparks Acrylic Paints - Unicorn's Hair, Ginger Magic and Dragons Eye (see links below) - they are such beautiful shades of gold and also perfectly complement each other.
I applied 1-2 layers of each paint just to make sure it's not transparent and that it covers all the gesso.
When my paints were dry, I covered some parts of each of the cards with the beautiful Art Alchemy Waxes. I used golden and copper shades and I blended the colors together.
In the end I applied 3D Gloss Gel and Gold Rush Glass Glitter to add some sparkly metallic accents.

Here's my short video in which you will see how I created my ATCs. Enjoy!

When I look at my ATC cards, they make me think of the treasures of ancient civilizations.
They remind me of Aztec metal decorations, as if they were manufactured in an embossed sheet of metal.

I wanted to make them rich and glamourous and I managed to do so thanks to Sparks Acrylic Paints and Wax accents - they are super sparkly and super shiny.

I think they are the go to products when you feel like creating beautifully deep metal imitations or when you're a fan of fabulously rich, opulent projects. I encourage you to try them yourselves! It's such an amazing fun!

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Karen said...

These are SO BEAUTIFUL !!!! Love looking at them!!!! xo

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Sue Lelli said...

OMGosh! I am in LOVE!

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