Friday, 10 February 2017

Patina Jars

Lovely Readers -
art altering vibe is in the air! ;)
Just like Kasia last Monday, Marta had some creative fun giving a new life to 2 ordinary glass jars and I think they are absolutely charming - just see for yourselves!
And if you're planning a creative weekend, you might consider taking part in Marta's 'Go For Gold' facebook group challenge - you can still join 'till February 14th!
Good luck and happy creating to you all!

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Hello friends!
Today I would like to present to you my 2 altered jars (one could even serve as a cup or a mug :) ).
I decided to decorate them using this amazing Patina Effect Pastes set.
When I got these pastes it was just a matter of time - I immediately felt I had to find something special to decorate and to play with these super cool pastes!
My choice was two glass - let's call them - jars. I was curious, how these pastes would look like on glass. Will they cover the glass surface properly? Will they be transparent or not? How many layers should I apply?
Well... I can tell you that first of all, I covered my jars with Black Gesso. Gesso perfectly prepares the surface and makes all the decorating that follows permanent. That's how I was able to cover the jars with different mediums in exactly the way I wanted.
I used some Light Texture Paste too, just to check out as an experiment how the Patina Pastes would  look like on the second layer of medium.
You will see in the video below how I managed to stencil (Light Paste + 'Harlequin' and 'Doily' mask) on this small, 3D surface - a very simple trick really. ;)
When the gesso dried, I applied my pastes with an old brush - this method gives interesting texture and you can apply a proper amount of pastes.
I started with blue and mint-green pastes to create a vintage look of real patina. When it dried and when I finally had a beautiful matte surface, I applied the brass color paste - just here and there to add a little bit of a metallic look and to accent some edges and textures.
After it all dried, I applied a bit of Antique Brilliance Wax in Lucky Emerald. It helped to accent some textures and to add some color on the brass paste, I didn't want it to be too shiny and too bright.
And speaking of Art Alchemy Waxes - check out Mixed Media Place store - they've just arrived on the shelves! Together with Finnabair's new release Sparks Paints, Patina and Stone Effect Pastes!
In the end, I added different kinds of pretty embellishments: some paper, fabric & metal elements and some Mechanicals roses and leaves.
I can tell you, Patina Pastes are super cool - they create such great texture and matte finish, they look like the real patina!
One layer is enough, in this project they perfectly covered the layer of gesso. They are not transparent, they have amazing, vivid colors even when they dry. They are also permanent so you can use other mediums on the top, like waxes or paints maybe if you want to add some color. Well... I think I'm in love. :)

Watch my video to see how simple and fun it is to play with the Pastes:

I really encourage you to try altering some objects from your home - search your attics and basements! :)

It's such a huge fun to turn ordinary things into original, interesting, decorative objects!
And if you'd like to know more about Patinas, check out Anna's latest tutorial.


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simo said...

Wow Marta!!!!! These jars are super the effects...definitely need those patina pastes! ❤

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