Monday, 6 February 2017

Amazing Journey

Lovely Friends -
every Monday is such an exciting day with my Creative Team starting a week with their amazing Art...
Today it's Kasia who's taking us on her beautiful art altering journey. And I must say I totally agree with her - altering ordinary everyday objects has some special magic in it. Try it yourselves and have a wonderful creative week!
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Hello friends!
In recent times, I got to really like working on different objects rather than paper.
I think it's such a beautiful concept that you can give things a completely new look, a new purpose, and a sort of a new destination.

This time I used a metal tin, originally it came with delicious cookies. ;)
I didn't make a video this time because it was a very spontaneous and unexpected project - I just felt sudden inspiration and had to go with the flow - you know the feeling? :)
Fortunately, I managed to take some photos as I was creating.
Don't forget to ask me any questions you might have, I'll be happy to explain more.

Here's my cookie tin - with a brand new life of its own!
The first thing I did, was to cover the entire surface of the box with 3D Gloss Gel and glued some Art Stones and Mini Art Stones. I really love the effect you can get with these products. They add so much interesting texture to any kind of project. They're a must on my desk.

Then, because my tin had colors I wanted to cover, I painted it with Heavy White Gesso. And this way, we have a surface that will be really well prepared for all the paints, inks and any color media we want to use.
The next step was adding some objects, to make my project more interesting and dimensional.
First, I glued some gauze, and next - the real fun bit! - seashells, clear Art Pebbles, and... more Art Stones!
Then, it was time for the colors. I used Mica Powders - Rust, Frozen Lake and Bottle Green (see links below). It was so very simple: I just sprinkled them over my project and sprayed with water. Try this method and you will be amazed by the beautiful results.
The main decoration of my project is the sea horse. Ever since I got it into my hands, I had wanted to use it in some of my artwork.
To make it look more "worn" and vintage, I painted it with Finnabair's new release Patina Effect Pastes and Art Alchemy Waxes.
The Waxes are a very important part of this project. I used colors from my favorite palette: Opal Magic Wax - Turquoise Satin, Antique Brilliance Mystic Turquoise, Bronze Age, and Vintage Gold.
I used them to paint the sides of tin and I did it with my finger - I think this is the best (and the easiest!) way to use these beautiful (and fragrant!) Waxes.
The seashells and pebbles also got a little bit of this amazing, shiny product.

Here and there I added a blue Patina Effect Paste, I think this contrasting color perfectly completed my project.

I'd like to encourage you to look around your house and take a look inside your drawers, cupboards and cabinets.

You might find there some forgotten objects that are just waiting to be given a new artsy life. :)

Think creatively, play with textures and colors and you will see how much fun altered art can be!


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Robin said...

Hi, very cool redo on the tin. I am wondering where you got the words?

suzieq23 said...


Kasia Bogatko said...

Hello Robin :) This words are from Scrapiniec

Priya said...

Wow... Such a stunning project.

Marci said...


Lisa H said...

wow! this is fabulous! =)

Iris R. said...

Really cool.

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