Friday, 3 February 2017

Chakra Inspirations Continued

My dear Friends..
Today we meet with Gayle who created a real art treat for us all - not 1, not 2 but 3 absolutely breathtaking tags together with three step by step tutorials!
You will not believe how many exciting techniques and beautiful ideas you could fit on such a small space. :) See for yourselves and feel inspired!
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Hello lovely Finnabair friends.
Last month saw Anna release some of her new beautiful art mediums - Patina Effect Pastes, Sparks Acrylic Paints and the amazing Waxes. As I continue with my Chakra Tags from last month I have used some of these new mediums, and can I just say how exciting they are! Truly, the brilliant effects you can achieve with them so quickly and so simply is just amazing.

So, there are 7 Chakras, each has a different colour and each is representative of certain feelings and emotions.
I started with Chakra No.1 - the base or Root Chakra; Chakra No.2 - the Sacral or Naval Chakra and Chakra No.3 - the Solar Plexus. You can see how I created them in this post and today I'd like to present the next 3.

Chakra No.4 - The Heart.

Its colour is green and it’s located within your heart.

It is the centre of love, compassion, harmony and peace.

These are the steps for making this tag:

No.1 White gessoed chipboard tag painted with Metallique Emerald Green acrylic paint.
No.2 Collaged paper napkin bird using Soft Matte Gel as adhesive. Then using Finnabair Small Doily Clear Stamp with gold embossing powder.
No.3 For texture, add some lace using Soft Matte Gel as the adhesive.
No.4 I wanted the lace to take on some colour so adding a coat of White Gesso helped with this.
No.5 Using Metallique Green Olive first to colour the lace, and then -
No.6 - add some brighter highlights with the new Sparks Acrylic Paint in Fairy Wings.
No.7 Start with plain metal embellishments including beautiful Finnabair Heart Locket Pendant.
No.8 Give the metal a warm and aged patina look with Patina Effect Paste. I just dabbed it on with a small paintbrush in layers. I love the rough and corroded look this paste will give you, but it can be rubbed or lightly sanded back to give a smoother, softer patina appearance.
No.9 All the embellishments were adhered to the tag with Heavy Body Gel.
No.10 Before adhering the metal embellishments, I lightly rubbed over them with some Metallique Wax in Aged Brass which creates a beautiful sheen.
The image is from Finnabair’s Vintage Collectibles Ephemera pack.

Chakra No.5 - The Throat.

Its colour is blue or turquoise and is located within the throat.

It’s the chakra of communication, creativity, self-expression and judgement.  

No.1 For this tag, portraying creativity and self expression, what better visual image to use than Finnabair’s beautiful “Trust The Magic” Stamp.
I embossed it in black onto a gessoed tag. I did give it a coat of Clear Gesso after it was dry to protect some areas that I wanted to remain white.
No2 Using another of Finnabair's clear stamps, Clear Stamp#2 set from Sunrise Sunset collection, a background was created with letters representing communication.
No.3 Some watery colour was then added using Metallique Rich Turquoise acrylic paint.
No.4 Tiny textural details, pearls, sequins, Mechanicals Mini Stars adhered using 3D Matte Gel and a pop of colour added to the throat and heart with Metallique Wild Fuchsia acrylic paint.
No.5 All the embellishments given a coat of White Gesso, and then -
No.6 - painted with Sparks Mermaid Sparkle Acrylic Paint. I used the end of a large match stick to add little dots of this beautiful, sparkly paint onto the tag.
No.7 Added some Silver Micro Beads and Turquoise Glass Beads using Soft Matte Gel as adhesive and also rubbed over the surface of the embellishments with Metallique Wax in Old Silver.
No.8 I decided a little more pattern and texture was needed, so used another Finnabair Cling Stamp from the 'Trust The Magic' set and embossed it in silver.

Chakra No.6 - The Third Eye or Brow Chakra.

Its colour is Indigo and it’s located at the centre of the forehead at eye level or slightly above.

This Chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of life.

It is concerned with inner vision, intuition and wisdom.

No.1 The background for this tag was firstly created with a Finnabair 'Chicken Wire' stencil through which White Crackle Texture Paste was used.
No.2 Pattern and colour added by way of collaged napkin adhered with Soft Matte Gel.
I love how paper napkin is soft and transparent enough that the texture paste easily shows through.
No.3 Some inky blue Indigo paint added along with some dots of coppery embossing powder.
No.4 Chipboard inked over with Stazon and then polished with Opal Magic Wax in Turquoise Satin. The top half has been waxed, the bottom half hasn’t. These Waxes work brilliantly on chipboard.
No.5 Of course the Waxes work brilliantly on metal as well. Finnabair Mechanicals firstly given a coat of Black Gesso and then rubbed over with Antique Brilliance Wax in Mystic Turquoise and then again, very lightly with Metallique Wax in White Gold.
No.6 All the embellishments adhered with Heavy Body Gel including some Melange Art Pebbles that have also been polished with some Wax.
Lastly, a glass eye, some wire, some beads and a few flicks of Sparks Mermaid Sparkle Acrylic Paint.

If you have read to the end of this rather long and detailed post, I thank you. :)

I hope you have been just a little inspired and that hopefully, you will be able to play soon with some of Anna’s beautiful new art mediums.

Gayle xx

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Marci said...

These are wonderful! I enjoyed the other ones you did, also. Thank you for the step by step directions, also.

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Jan L said...

I have always loved the mysticism of India. Thank you for these. You have inspired me to make a set for myself.

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