Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Working in Full Size - "Flaming Heart" Triptych Class

Hi again my dear friends!
I've just got back home from my big, fat USA-Canada tour and I'm filling my time with sleeping, fighting the jetlag, enjoying the company of my husband and my furry friends... it may take me while to get back on the usual tracks, but I promise to do my best!
My trip - as always - was full of inspiration, quality time spent with my students and visiting places: I was lucky to visit some of the stores I knew and loved - and make some new friends in new places. I hope I will be able to visit them again!
If you are curious where I've been this time, check some of our classroom photos as well as beautiful project from my creative Team and snapshots collected on the way - check out my Instagram account here.This is the easiest way to see what I am up to!

Today I've got a project which is my first ever full day collage class: "Flaming Heart" - triptych build on popular sized canvases, with loads of textures, elements and colour!

Working on full-size project in the classroom is a bit different experience to the regular classes. You have more time to think on the layers you are building, elements you are incorporating, color scheme, balance... Many students truly enjoy "sinking into" the project for a longer, taking their time building the project step-by-step.

Bigger canvas means more elements to collage together, more techniques... and more space to paint - which is an excellent chance to practice spraying, highlighting, balancing with colour, filling the space with your favourite shades and tones. There is always something more to add, something to focus on, some detail to master...

... and in the end you have an amazing piece of art (3x 9x12'' canvases!) which you can proudly put on your wall and admire. What can be better?

I had a pleasure to teach this class in 2 stores this time - at "Queen's Ink" in Maryland and at "Whim So Doodle in Florida. Oh, we had so much fun! Here you can see some of the peeks at my finished projects - I hope you are a bit inspired!

If you are interested in this class - check out my next event in Tours, France, which is happening in the last days of September 2016. We are going to  work on "Flaming Heart" and 2 more projects - "Daydreamer" collage and "Layers of Dreams" scrapbook panel - do't miss this chance!!!

Here is the list of the supplies we are going to use during that workshop... but there is far more, I promise!

See you soon - and don't miss the next tutorial from my fabulous Creative Team - this Friday of course!
Sending hugs


Heather Thompson said...

this is one class i hope to take in the future. Beautiful creations by all.

mommyx2 said...

Oh Finn, you posted the picture of our class!! It was so awesome and you are so gracious with your patience (while some of us were afraid of color and spray!) thank you so much for an awesome time and I hope you come back to the Queens Ink soon ­čśŐ.

If any of you can take this class it was absolutely amazing and awesome, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CLASS! It was fast paced and so much fun ( I would only recommend thinking about and deciding your 3 color combination before the class, the picture gives you many ideas!!)

Thank you Anna, hugs!

Team Clark said...

This three panel design is amazing! Oh how I wish I were there! Great project!

LISA said...

I had the absolute pleasure of taking this class. It was all day, and I could have stayed hours longer. We had a class of 12, plenty of room to work and everyones project came out different and gorgeous!! Thank you Anna and Whim So Doodle.. Flaming Heart was an exceptional class!! Can't wait until you come back again!! xoxo

Candi Harris said...

I took your classes at the Queen's Ink (I'm actually the one sitting beside you) & can tell everyone that this was a fantastic class & Finn is an amazing teacher - very clear with her instructions, happy to help when you get stuck or overwhelmed, patient, giving & a lot of fun too. If you ever get a chance to take classes with her, DO! I had the best time & learned a lot. Thanks again!

MARCH said...

enjoy the company of your husband, your work is beautiful, unfortunately I could not be there :-(


Iris R. said...

I took all the classes offered in July at The Queens Ink in Savage, MD. I am above in blue, standing above the lady in pink, in the middle. You can see pics of the projects I created in class on my blog Finn you are truly talented, patient, nice and fun.


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