Friday, 5 August 2016

No Grit, No Pearl

Happy Creative Friday, Everyone!
Denisa's new art piece will make your heart skip a bit or two! :)
Her new collage is not only techniqually great, there is also a beautiful message behind this canvas. And it all started with Denisa's grandmother. ;) You'll love every step of this creative process. Enjoy!
No grit, no pearl… that´s what my granny kept saying to me when I was a little girl. Only the ones who work hard, deserve the best. Although she lived in different times and lots has changed since then, I think the quote shouldn´t lose its appeal in the fussy contemporary world. At least in a world of the fair play.
Here I am today, a bit nostalgic and pinkish with a summer themed canvas for you.

I started off by applying a thick layer of White Crackle Paste on the reverse side of the canvas (15 x 15 cm). I let it dry over night to get awesome cracks. You can always use your heat tool for a quick job but the cracks might not be that visible. Being patient pays off here. :) Then I did some random stamping with black archival ink.
Next I treated some gauze with Clear Sculpture Medium. I dipped it in the medium, placed on an upside down bowl, formed the desired shape and dried it with my heat tool.
When it was dry and stiff, I glued it on the canvas using Soft Matte Gel.
Then I painted the gauze with Heavy White Gesso, sprinkled some Art Stones on and let it dry.
Then I played around with pigment powders, applied them with a dry brush on the canvas and sprayed them with water.
Again I let it dry and started to paint using my fave Art Alchemy Acrylics. When I was happy with the result, I grabbed a huge shell and placed it in the middle of the canvas. This time I used Heavy Body Gel for glueing. I also painted the shell using Lindy's Stamp Gang spray Bodacious Blush.
Then I placed a smaller shell, a piece of tree bark and a  wire inside the big one. Again used Heavy Gel.
Inside the smaller shell I placed Mechanicals Barn Star. I glued a tiny shell on the top of the star and then a big pinkish pearl inside the tiny shell. I added some more gauze, pearls and Barn Stars.
Next I attached a bit of chevron washi tape on the edge and did some Heavy Black Gesso splashes. As the last thing, I glued on the sentiment saying Shell Hunting.
Remember... you have to try hard and try again to find your desired pearl. No matter what or who your dreamy pearl might be.
Hoping you´re having the summer of your life. Wishing you bright summer days and happy crafting, my friends!

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Mona Pendleton said...


betjunroe said...

Wow--this is amazing! I love your attention to detail and all the beautiful elements you used. I am inspired to try this theme on a canvas!

Kathy Bradley said...

Wow - so gorgeous!

Heather Thompson said...

Beautiful canvas. Your Oma sounds like an amazing woman.

Torsa Saha said...

Gorgeous!! loved it !!
Wish you a happy weekend ahead ❤️

Athanasia said...

Amazing!!! I love it!

MakaArt said...

Stunner! Great job! ❤

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