Monday, 29 August 2016

Here And Now ~ Art Journal Therapy

Hello, Dear Friends!
Last Monday in August belongs to Irina who's sharing one of her Denim Journal art journaling pages.
Her work is so expressive and has this special kind of vibe that will make you want to run to your desk and pour your emotions on paper too. :)
Hello! It's Irina Нoncharyk with you here and today I'd like to share my art journal page that I called: "Now Is The Right Time".
I love art journals as they are such a great way to express all kinds of toughts and emotions. This is a great feeling to be able to leave your emotions on paper and start a new day with a clean sheet.
The Denim Journal is a wonderful tool to do just that. You can use the pages already there but also add your own, in any shape and size to suit your mood.
The idea behind my journal page that I'm showing today is my expression of the need to live here and now. There will never be a better time. Just now!
For me, working with an art journal page or spread usually consists of three main steps. I thought I'd sum it up like this:
It's really simple, don't you think? ;)

First, I prepare my surface. For today's page I used Clear Gesso to prime the paper. When it dried, I used Modeling Paste through a Cut & Paste stencil. In my opinion, textured surfaces always look more interesting and make a great starting point for any artwork that follows.

Step 2 is working with colors. I chose several shades of Art Alchemy Opal Magic acrylic paints. I applied the paints with my fingers and I think creating this way has a kind of therapeutic effect.
You can also play with different colors of crayons, inks or sprays, whatever your heart desires, just remember to relax and simply have fun with it.
Then I created a pattern with stamps from 'Now Is The Right Time' (yes! :) ) set. You will see in my step by step video below that I didn't try to be precise with my stamping, I just created a certain composition multiplicating chosen images. I added some more color with alcohol inks.

I wanted even more expression so I took some black markers and freehand drew some loose lines.
Then I wrote my title and added a touch of color here and there.

Step 3 is about the final details that create more texture and interesting little accents that make every work unique.
This time I went for Art Ingredients like Art Sugar and Mika Flakes. I glued them with 3D Matte Gel.
I had so much fun with the process and I hope you'll enjoy watching this short video I made for you.

Wishing you a lot of creative art journal adventures. It's good for the soul! ;)

Materials used:

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Amy Voorthuis said...

Such a lovely piece of the video thank you for sharing hugs xxx

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