Monday, 15 August 2016

Metallic Denim Journal

Hi there Folks!
When it comes to decorating the Denim Journal, the sky is the limit. ;) Today Linda is sharing how she decorated her journal's cover and it will simply blow you away! There is also a step by step tutorial so we hope you'll feel encouraged to try and create your own beautiful cover with us.

Hello again everyone! We are all very excited about the new Denim Journal from Finnabair. It is really nothing like I’ve seen before. Today I decided to share with you how I decorated my cover with some of the other new products as well.

1. I started by choosing 3 flowers from the Purity II collection. Using the Clear Sculpture Medium and a brush, cover them completely.
2. When dry, add a coat of Heavy Black Gesso.
3. Emerald Green and Green Olive Metallique paints are used to lightly add color to 3 leaves from the set.
4. I added a piece of embossed paper, a torn strip of Resist Canvas, some trims, and a torn strip of paper to the cover with 3D Matte Gel. Then I paint the background with Heavy White Gesso.
Next I start to gather other elements to put with the Mechanicals flowers, leaves, washers and gears. Some will stay, and some will go. This is a process.
5. Now I try to layout the flowers and leaves in a pleasing design using unpainted flowers. There are plenty in the box to play with. Other elements will come and go as well.
6. The flowers are now painted with all different combinations of the Metalliques Paints. Contrast is the key here. The chipboard Artist cutout is painted with Dark Velvet and Brass Hardware
The Mechanicals that made the cut are a Mini Knob, a Steampunk Blade, a Vintage Center, a Washer #1, and a Grungy Butterfly (you will find all the links below).
7. Now I add some paints to the edges and the trims. I used Black Gesso around the edge first to kind of seal the denim, and then I add more Metalliques. I used a bit of Yellow/Blue Opal Magic in places to create that amazing metallic blue over Royal Red and Ancient Coin. The daisy trim is painted with Black Gesso.
8. It still needed something, so I lathered on some White Crackle Paste and let it dry.
9. This is a detail shot of it after it's all glued together, highlighted with lots of lightly brushed on paints, a couple of sprays of to add color all over, and splashed on India Ink. Shadows also make the colors pop!
10. The Mechanicals add a lot to the piece. Some are painted, but some are left as they come out of the package. I kept adding “just a little more” here and there with contrasting colors to keep it interesting. It’s really hard to stop.
I hope you've enjoyed the journey here. Remember to let your imagination run wild and try not to think too much... let your Heart inspire your ART

Materials used:


LDphotography said...

wow good work, pinned it to try when I get home from Europe

Kathy Bradley said...

Linda - your denim journal cover is gorgeous!! Your design fits so perfectly on the cover - wow!

Chris E said...

Totally unreal, it's absolutely gorgeous! ❤️ Your colors & your flowers are spectacular ...

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