Sunday, 28 February 2016

Verdigris Vision

My dear Friends,
as you know, last Monday was Prima's mid-release of my new products! You could see some amazing examples of how to use them creatively - presented by my wonderful Creative Team in this Prima blog post. This is all so exciting!

One of the brand new produtcs is Sculpture Medium and here's my new work created to tell you some more about the possibilities of this new medium.

You see, Sculpture Medium is a very clever trick indeed. ;)
Like its name says, it was designed to let you create all kinds of 3D forms and shapes.
It makes delicate materials (like fabric) hard, permanent and resistant and it's so very easy to use.
In this canvas/assemblage piece of mine, I used the medium to create my background.
As you can see, there are bits of lace and different kinds of fabric that were made hard and ready to work on without worrying that too much water, paint or spray might damage them.
The medium also allowed me to create some really interesting new textures.

The method is so easy - I simply soaked all the materials in the medium (you can use a brush to apply it but make sure you're generous with it), then I arranged them in the way that I liked and left to dry. You can also use a heating tool to speed up the process, but be patient, it might need a little while to dry properly.

When my collage background was finally dry, it was hard and ready to work on with other mediums.
I painted it with Black and White Gesso, glued on all the elements with Heavy Body Gel (foolproof adhesive! ;)) and then added colors with Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays choosing green/blue/turquoises palette as I wanted to recreate a verdigris effect.

I hope you feel inspired to try out my new Sculpture Medium. Let your imagination flow, the possibililties are endless...

If you need more information, visit my Art ExtraVagance Art Files where you can read about the medium and other new products as well.
Also make sure you see this Prima post where you will find crazy beautiful examples by Kasia and Gayle who showed their Sculpture Medium creations!
If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will be happy to answer.
Happy creating!


Wilma said...

Wow, this is beautiful and I sure want/need the sculpture medium. Looks so much fun to play with.

Debbie said...

There were many new products released from CHA and the sculpture medium is the one I am really looking forward to using. I have a few of the new release Art Alchemy paints and love the colours and quality. Thanks Debbie xx

Unknown said...

I WISH places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby would carry your entire line!! I'd be more inclined to buy almost any product I could afford, instead of having to order online and wait, wait, wait for it to be delivered. You know, just hop in the car and go get what you want :-) I really do love everything you create! I'd especially love to try Rust!! Thanks for letting me put my two cents in!

Patty O'Malley said...

Fantastic project!

Jean said...

I wish my brain worked like this!!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Beautiful piece!

Unknown said...

It's beautiful!

Lisa H said...

this is fabulous!!! The medium looks very interesting. I'll have to get my hands on some. ;-)

Marci said...

I love it! Such a beautiful color and texture. Makes me want this Sculpture Medium. I love your new paints and art stones!

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

This is such a beautiful project! LOVE it!Amazing texture and so well invented!

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