Monday, 22 February 2016

More of Mixed-media Goodness: Prima Mid-release is here!

Dear Friends!
This week starts off with some really exciting news - I can finally reveal some more new products of mine!
As always - I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce them and can't wait to hear your opinions and to see how they will inspire all kinds of wonderful art works.

Are you curious? :)
First of all, you really need to visit this Prima blog post where all the new art babies of mine are properly introduced + you will see them "in action" as my wonderful Creative Team created absolute wonders! It's a must see, folks!
Secondly, you will find the product descriptions and instructions how to use them in Art ExtraVagance Art Files and Art Alchemy Art Files on my blog.

So what news do we have in stock for you.....? :)

A set of super magical Rust Pastes

New Metallique Colors of Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints

Super Versatile Sculpture Medium

I'd like to present a project of mine that will give you some idea of the possibilities of these new products.

You know how I love altering items and books are one of my all-time favourites, so when I could finally put my hands on my new Art Extravagance Rust Paste I just had to use it on one of my books, waiting on the shelf for a mixed-media makeover.

I started the whole process priming the cover with Art Basics Heavy Black Gesso and next adding old, weathered texture using Art Extravagance White Crackle Paste.
(Speaking of Art Basics -have you heard you can now get them in a 6 pack sample kit?)

Next layers were my new, beautifully shiny Art Alchemy paints: for this project I used 3 colors from Metallique Line: Black Berry, Steampunk Copper and Brass Hardware - I wanted the colors to correspond with the natural shades of rust.

Next using a piece of chipboard, some burlap, lace, Mechanical numbers and a small wooden panel I started building layers which were covered with my Rust Pastes - I used different proportion of each color on each panel and to make it all look more natural and help the layers stand out a bit.

A tip for you: for the best effects you can simply dab one or 2 colors of Rust Paste on the surface with a stiff brush or sponge, let it dry and then add finishing touches with the last color.

Because I wanted to make my rust effect to look as natural as possible, I added some Art Stones on the edges of the chipboard panel and when the Rust Pastes were still wet, I sprinkled some Art Ingredients Mica Powder - Copper and Rust in the chosen parts of my composition. That was my way to add some extra metallic sparkle to quite matte finish of the Rust Paste.

My last step was decorating the top panel with my new Mechanical Pocket Watch which I filled with one of the biggest pebbles glued on the vintage image, some rusty screw heads and finally - sprinkling some Mica Flakes and Micro Beads which were glued down with Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel.
After all the work, my book looked completely different and I have to say I'm really pleased with the results!

I hope I managed to increase your appetite. ;)
If you need a little bit more inspiration, my Creative Team never fails!
Here are the stunning artworks the girls created for this release. You will find more photos and the detailed descriptions of each of these projects on Prima, make sure you visit this post!

and new Art Alchemy paints magically used in this mixed media collage:

Gayle and Kasia made wonders with Sculpture Medium:

Linda and Olga conducted amazing experiments with Rust Pastes:

Don't miss Linda's incredible silver key makover!  :)

You will find much more on Prima and if you have any questions about how to use the new products, head on for more info to Art ExtraVagance Art Files or leave a comment under this post and me and my Team will do our best to help you out.
You can also join our Open Studio facebook group and we can talk there. :)

I simply can't wait to hear your opinions and see you create!
Doing a very happy dance


Jane Royston said...

They all look amazing, especially the rust paints, can't wait!! X

Notations of a Crafter said...

The book is amazing I really need those rust paints when will we be able to buy them? I need it all lol xx

Sanderijn de Bruin said...

Amazing work ladies! And all new products looks so great! Love love love! Such a big fan of your products Anna!

Jean said...

LOVE those paints! I wish my brain worked liked the DT!Amazing projects! said...

how wonderful. Thank you for the wonderment we are about to encounter.

Unknown said...

The transformation of the book is just amazing!
All the projects from the team are fabulous!

Lucy said...

Rust paste - unbelievable. Rust paste is like a dream come true for me. I can't wait to get a hold of that. Thank you for your wonderful demonstration of it.

Kialaya said...

Hi, I just bought some of your paints and the rust paste and I have a question. I wanted to use your paints Metallique for painting on cloth. I have seen this mantioned on a video of Prima that you can paint on cloth with these. Is this correct? But if so, will they wash off when I clean it?? I mean by hand and in cold water of course, because I am guessing that hot water and washing machine would be too much for any paint. I would really appreciate your answer to this before I start my project. Thanks.

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