Monday, 15 February 2016

The Kingdom of Steampunk

Happy Monday, dear Readers!
I have been fascinated with steampunk style for... well... forever. :)
You can imagine how excited I was to see Linda's latest creation which is such a Steampunk Extravaganza! Linda went totally crazy using all my Mechanicals bits and pieces and creating art magic with Art Alchemy paints and many more.
Just look ~ Admire & Feel inspired!

Hi everyone, Linda Cain here, with a really loaded Steampunk Box using old and new Mechanicals from Finnabair.

You’ll be amazed at the authentic look and quality of these new pieces. But many of these pieces I used here are the previously released Mechanicals, so get out your stash and get ready to play. I know you’ll enjoy the endless possibilities that you’ll find.

This is a picture of the new paints and a few of the Mechanicals I used.

I started with a plain wooden box that I painted with Heavy Black Gesso and the new 1” Silicone Brush… it was even better than I’d expected. It puts on a really smooth, thin, even layer of paint with no brush marks. They’re very cool.
Then I started gluing down my Mechanicals and found objects with Heavy Body Gel. It dries extremely fast and strong. I wanted the larger, heavier pieces on the left.

I wanted the smaller pieces to taper off to the right. Here you see a Grungy Butterfly, Tin Heart, mini Barn Star and Rustic Washer.

The new Pocket Watches have a removable back that makes it really easy to create your little montage inside, and then replace the back with 2 little screws.
I painted the black heart on the back plate and then I used Royal Red Metallique Art Alchemy paint to add a red heart over it.
I added a coat of Clear Gesso over most, but not all of the elements. This will allow the paints to stick to the metal pieces.

Here you see how I began adding Metallique and Opal Magic Paints (links below!) to the background and metal. It’s just the first of many layers of color.
The Royal Red heart shows up beautifully against the gold heart. On top is the smaller adorable Tin Heart.

This is the finished middle section of the box with Micro Beads, Glass Glitter and tiny watch parts added as filler using Soft Gloss Gel. More paints and some metallic waxes are the last step.

I wanted this side to have the larger pieces covering more of the area. The heavy silver Mechanicals were painted with the lots of Metallique paints. The Medium Flower is darker to create contrast.  Opal Magics on Black Gesso create a more muted background to make them stand out.

And on the right, you see the gorgeousness of the paints on the background as well as on the metal. The Tin Heart with a Mini Star really steals the show here, but the Grungy Butterfly holds its own as well.

After a few days of reflection, I decided to add some legs and typewriter letters to the front of the box. The German Dresden is painted with Steampunk Copper paint and then Black Gesso.

I was thrilled when I found the letters STEAMPUNK in my stash.

Life is good.

I hope you’ve enjoyed what I created with different kinds of new products from Finnabair. You will not be disappointed with them. I know I wasn’t. So get out your stash of ephemera, and get started making your own Work of Art.

Be inspired to just play.

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DonnaD said...

Thank you for a lovely and detailed tutorial. Beautiful.

Mona Pendleton said...

Gorgeous project! Love all the trinkets!

Karen Bahit said...


Donna Arkle (DizzyDee) said...

I love it - you have done an amazing job!! I love steampunk stuff and this is awesome!!! xxx

Lisa H said...

Linda, this is FABULOUS!!!

Francine Perri said...

wow awesome Linda as usual!!

Kort og Søm said...

Super cool :)

kim TangledBlueRose said...

gorgeous, love every single part of it!

Helen said...

You always take such care to explain your process, Linda - and the end result is, as always - stunning!

Maremi's Small Art said...

Looove, love it ! thank you for sharing your talent !

gibonik said...

This is totaly punkylicious!!!

Padoriaa said...

Wow ! Stunning project!
I have to try Steampunk .... I felt in love!

Kathy Bradley said...

Linda - so totally gorgeous - love all the elements you used and the colors. Thanks for sharing your tutorial as well.

Lori said...

Wowzers Linda, you've outdone yourself this time!! Totally in love with this piece! You're awesome!!!

Moose-ings said...

This is awesome! Gave e some good ideas for my next steampunk project. Happily off to source some mechanicals.

Kathy Gnj said...

This is an incredible piece! Simply Amazing! Thank you for the description on how you created this - loving the new metallic paints and mechanicals!

Barbara Rankin said...

†his is fabulous, Linda! I love everything about it!

Dawn Gold said...

Absolutely a masterpiece Linda, I am in awe

petra bluszcz said...

Szczęka opadła mi do samej podłogi! Uwielbiam takie motywy! Wyszło genialnie!

Maura Hibbitts said...

This is a fantastic steampunk piece! Love it!!

mamablitger said...

Amazing example of STEAMPUNK when it's best.. Love this masterpiece..
Thank you for sharing. Your work do always inspire me.
Hugs from Monica.... Spain

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