Friday, 12 February 2016

Face To Face

Dear Friends!
I'm so happy to announce that the long awaited Art Alchemy acrylic paints have finally arrived in our store along with other new art babies of mine! I'm beyond excited as this means more people will start presenting their artworks created with my products and I simply cannot wait to see them all! :)

I hope you will feel inspired with today's incredible art project created by Gayle. Enjoy!

Hello lovely Finnabair friends. This month I have had so much fun. I have a new art journal and it is going to be my “face journal" - as I’m sure by now you all know how obsessed I am with “faces”… I love them and this journal will only have faces in it.
I also am so fortunate to have Finnabair’s new Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints. They are beautiful! They come in the most glorious colours, flow on so smoothly and, as if that’s not enough, they perform “magic”.

I was curious to see whether I could do an image transfer onto a “dimpled” textured, very shiny art journal cover. The answer is “yes”. :)

This is what I did:
No.1 Black, shiny, textured art journal.
No.2 After being coated with Art Basics Heavy White Gesso. I gave it 3 coats of gesso, making sure it was very dry between each coat. I was unsure if an image transfer would work on this surface so wanted to make sure it had a good “chalky” surface of gesso with plenty of “tooth” to pick up and hold the ink from the image.

No.3 Using Soft Matte Gel to apply the image.
No.4 After drying the image very well, remove the surface paper with a baby wipe.

No.5 Once all paper is removed and image is clean and dry, give it a coat of Clear Gesso to seal it.
No.6 Paint eyes and mouth with acrylic paints.

No.7 I am going to apply a number of chipboard and metal embellishments to the cover, so I traced around them where they will be, before adding some background colour.
No.8 I’ve used Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magical powder for the colour.

No.9 Now the real fun part. Adding texture around where my metal embellishments will be using Modeling Paste. Applying it, then running through it with one of Finnabair’s new Texture Brushes. These are just the best, so much fun to create interest, texture and movement on your pages and the bonus is you get a beautiful bristle brush on the other end!
No.10 I used a heat tool to dry the Modeling Paste and then stuck down all the metal, mostly Finnabair Mechanicals, and chipboard pieces with 3D Matte Gel.

No.11 Using Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint I’ve painted over the textured surface and all the metal and chipboards. This paint works beautifully over the top of metal... no need to gesso first.
No.12 To add a little more, but different texture, I’ve applied Soft Matte Gel in some areas and just sprinkled on Finnabair’s new Art Stones. These are very light and adhere beautifully to the gel and create a delicate, raised textured surface.

No.13 Here you can see the white areas where the Art Stones have been applied.
No.14 Finally, using the amazing Art Alchemy Green-Gold Opal Magic acrylic paint and a dry brush technique (where you actually remove most of the paint off your brush by wiping it on a paper towel) I have gone over the metal, the textured Modelling Paste and the Art Stones.
This paint becomes a rich, shimmery gold when applied to a dark surface… magic!

No.15 White chipboard letters.
No.16 Stamped with a Finnabair Checkered clear stamp using black Archival ink.
No.17 Painting the letters with Opal Magic Acrylic Paint where the black squares change colour to become a deep, metallic violet… magic and so much fun. It is truly like being a child again and getting excited, watching these paints change colour depending on if they are on a dark or light background.

Here are some details:

Thank you for looking today. I hope you get to experience the fun and creative possibilities that Finnabair’s beautiful new acrylic paints offer.

Materials used:


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fabulous Gayle, love this one . Tracy x

Unknown said...

Beautiful! You are so talented Gayle...Love your work!

Kim Collister Studio said...

Fabulous Post!! So excited about the paints!! My wheels are spinning out of control!!

Barbara said...

Very beautiful and inspiring

Kathy Bradley said...

I always so enjoy seeing posts with your journal pieces. Your Faces Journal cover is absolutely gorgeous -with awesome pictures, colors and textures. I can't wait to try the new products - pre-ordered - but not yet in my hands.

Sharon Y said...

Gayle, such an inspirational piece! Loving the layers and textures.

Lizzyc said...

Fantastic! Just love the texture in those waves.. love the step by steps too.. brilliant creating! said...

Gayle this is so beautiful. Thank you for inspiring my day.

Mona Pendleton said...

Gorgeous work of art Gayle!

Natassa Blazaki said...

Great technique! So inspirational!!!

Cathy - CMP Designs said...

So amazing!! I really need to try the image transfer thing! :)

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