Sunday, 14 December 2014

Tangled and Connected - collage project for Life Book 2014

Hi again friends!
Getting ready for the Christmas? We are trying, but to be honest - it's more like balancing on the rope between deadlines, new exciting product reveals, new projects...and cooking, cleaning and trying to decorate the house as soon as possible... not easy, but a lot of fun and great time with Andrew:) Oh, how much I needed that!

Today I want to share with you a project I've made especially for the great online class - Life Book 2014, where I had a pleasure to be one of the teachers. You can read a bit more about  this online event here - and look into new edition, Life Book 2015 too! I'm sure you will be delighted with the line up of the teachers waiting for you!

In the project below I was trying to focus on the connections we have in our life - let me quote part of the text I wrote for this online class:

“Tangled” is 20x30 cm collage on stretched canvas representing my ties and connections I have with my Mom – Hanna. I always treat my collage projects very personal because I'm a kind of collage storyteller: I use photos of myself or my family and friends, they became “actors” in my personal theater, telling my stories and expressing the emotions I want to share. 

 This is one of my favorite pictures of her – she couldn't be older than 20 back then. I love her mysterious smile - and I can't help it – I always think about how similar and how different we are. I can see her eyes in my face, I got her hair and eyebrows... 

 Creating the collage I wanted to show the love, the connection we have in the project that will reflect my taste and personality. You can see I'm obsessed with texture and using all possible bits and pieces: changing plain, or even ugly elements into treasures is my next passion. Everything can be used for my 3D collage: engine and clock parts, computer parts, fake jewelry, buttons, fabric, lace, paper flowers, pieces of glass or acrylic – just name it! Inspiration is everywhere and nothing makes me more happy than using some special, selected elements to share my feelings .

I hope you like this idea and you will be inspired to create projects inspired by your loved ones - I believe it is one of the best ways to express our deep feelings we have for them. I keep this project on my wall together with other favorite collages I made - it's just special to me.

And just one more thing - information for European retailers attending the Craft Hobby + Stitch Show in Birmingham!
Prima is organizing FIRST EVER MIXED-MEDIA EDUCATION DAY IN EUROPE on 14th February 2015! Join for an in depth hands on Mixed Media Workshop with me and my new Mixed Media products! There will be lot of  in depth techniques, tutorials and hands-on make and takes. Bookings open here!

Please spread a word - we'd like to reach all the people interested!

Thanks again for visiting me... get ready for the next mind blowing post from my Creative Team on Monday too! I'm sure you won't be disappointed!


corinne de france MARCH said...

merveilleuse création !
enjoy your husband

Debbie said...

I love this. I want to make this in memmorium to my niece who passed away last year. A beautiful young lady just growing into womanhood. It was very sad for my sister to lose her baby.

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