Monday, 15 December 2014

Art Bottle

Hello, Lovely Readers!
Today's post may surprise you a little... :)
I know that we are right in the middle of Christmas preparations - December Daily projects, X-mas cards, reindeers and tree decorations but...
well, we do have readers in some parts of the wold where it's summer now and some of us simply miss hot lazy days... :)
We hope you'll feel inspired by Elena's summery altered piece today!

Hello friends!
Everyone is preparing for Christmas and the New Year, but I miss the summer and the heat... :)

That's why I had an idea to decorate a bottle of lemonade that would serve as a vase for my favorite small roses.

It was such a pleasant process and I'm incredibly pleased with the result. Maybe you will feel inspired to create a similar bottle?
My first step was to cover my bottle with Black and White Gesso to prime it properly and prepare for all the media and decorations that I wanted to use.

Everything dried really quickly, so I could move on and apply Light Paste. Applying it with my fingers was so cool! :)   
I also used my fingers to apply White Crackle Paste in some places. When it comes to Art Extravagance Pastes, you can of course dry them with a heat tool, but for best results - allow the crackle paste to dry naturally to achieve better results.
I have to tell you that I've tested a lot of different pastes but these ones gives the most beautiful cracks.

The next step was gluing the elements. I used Soft Gel - it's quick, it's easy and you can be certain all the embellishments will stay in place! Just make sure you wait until it's properly dried.
When the gel dries, you can start the painting.

For the colors I chose Primary Elements. I wanted to add vibrating, fresh colors to my work. I applied them with a wet brush. The paint hit the cracks just perfectly and they have become more visible. I'm sure you will totally enjoy this part!

Primary Elements shine somehow needed an extra touch so I added Art Ingredients Glitter, Beads and Art Sugar.

Frankly, I hadn't used them too often before, but now I'm in love! They help to add the final accents to the project and add an extra texture to all the elements. My favorite way of gluing the Ingredients is with the help of Soft Gel and a brush. Now I use them in almost every work.

Here's my video tutorial so you can see how I created my altered art bottle:

I hope you like this little taste of summer in the middle of December. ;)

Materials used:


Anita B said...

I was searching for a last minute gift idea for a friend....this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much for sharing!!

Heather said...

beautiful! I love the colors. Great video!

whyducks said...

Really beautiful

Ruth said...

Beautiful decoration, lovely idea!

Joanne said...


Unknown said...

awesome and so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful Piece

Carin Winkelman said...

That is very lovely indeed!

Pat Beaumont said...


crafty creations said...

Amazing - love all that gorgeous texture - simply brilliant and something I have put on my to do list

Have a wonderful Christmas time and a Healthy New Year

Unknown said...

Really beautiful art bottle ..i like her design and the color of the bottle if i have a time i do that .. thank you for sharing this idea . http://www.inflowcomm.com3/shoretel-tech-support/shoretel-tech-support-chicago-il/

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