Sunday, 11 November 2012

We will help - next chapter. Inspirational video!

Can you remember THIS post from July?
Me, and my friend, 2:16 were asking you a question:
"Imagine that you meet someone who is just starting his/her adventure in this wonderful world of art - it may be a bit overwhelming, scary.. - all those techniques, supplies, people worth knowing - so many questions, so many doubts... but a lot of will and hopes too! * * * what kind of advice would you give to such a person? * * *?
We've got loads of wonderful answers from you - and this is the next chapter of the story. Our great creative friend, Agnieszka-Anna agreed to help with photos for our project... then wonderful Polish artists, scrapbookers, cardmakers gave us their helpful hands! Finally we were able to make for you this short inspirational video! We hope you'll enjoy it - and maybe it will help too?

You can find this Video on my YouTube channel too - it is a new thing to me, so pleasse forgive any mistakes :) But hey - I keep learning! :)

The photos were made during V Polish Scrapbooking Convention in Warsaw - and we'd like to thank you our amazing friends for helping with this idea and giving loads on-the-spot ideas! It was unbelivable!

Of course - we'd love to hear your opinion on this project - and we hope to continue this topic in the future :)
(And me - I plan to explore more the You Tube ocean and come expand a bit in that direction too...but..step by step ;))


Scrapbookdoll said...

It looks great to me :-)

Tettiz said...

Fantastic!! Some of those are comments I just to make about crafting/art - I really recognised myself! :D

Kelly Foster said...

Love it! Very inspiring!

Alexandra said...

Such a great and supportive video! The tips are full of real meaning. Thank you.

snazzyoriginal said...

Great video, great encouragement xx

Gina Sismilich said...

I think your video came out very well - a lot of wise words there!

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