Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Electric Rust

Hello, dear Friends!
A slight change of plans - as you know it's usually Mondays and Fridays when my Creative Team Artists present their projects but last Monday we were celebrating the mid reveal of my new products!
And so it's today that we meet with our lovely Athanasia who created a superb steampunk treat for us all (and her brother :) ). This piece made my heart flutter and you will surely see why (there's a video too!). :)

Hello dear friends!
Today I'm sharing an altered wooden case I created for my brother. I haven't given it to him yet, it's a present, actually a surprise, so shhhhhhh... don't tell him anything yet :) He's an electronic and his lab is called '01'.

The Mechanical Numbers are the perfect size to write the name of the lab in the center of the composition. The new Mechanical Rusty and Steampunk gears, the Barn Stars and Mini Hardware were also a perfect match for this project, I just love them there!

I started by gluing electronic plackets (I got them from my dad - he is also an electronic) all over the surface with  the new silicone brush 1' and Heavy Body Gel.
This Gel is a very strong glue and I highly recommend it if you need to glue heavy or metal embellishment on your project like I did.

Next step was to cover everything with Black Gesso. It creates a beautiful and interesting base to work on, the paints love it. :)

When it was all dry I used some acrylic paints to color everything: Opal Magic Blue-Gold, Silver Spoon and Light Patina and also Emerald Green, Black Berry and Deep Waters from the new colors.

To add more texture I used the Platinum Crackle Paste here and there and used the same acrylic colors to paint it over when it was dry.

I also added Bronze Micro Beads and 2 colors from the Mica Flakes set. I glued them with 3D Gloss Gel.

The next step was the most exciting of all the process. I used the new Rust Pastes. I couldn't wait to use them when I first saw this amazing product! I have to tell you, this is my new favorite 'must have'. The rust look is so awesome and feels and looks real! I absolutely adore the result!

Last thing I did was to spread two shades of Mica Powder (Rust and Deep Water) with a paintbrush all over the project. I sprayed some water and dried it with a heat gun. I think this last step was very important because it unified all the colors and textures.

Here are some more details...

You can see the whole process in my video below.

I hope you got some ideas on how to alter wooden or metal embellishments and give them a whole new look!
Thank you for visit and  have a lovely crafty day!



Tsaima Eirini said...

Wow Athanasia I believe is your best!! Really gorgeous!!! So inspiring... Thank you...

Linda M. Cain said...


Vicky Hensley said...

I'm excited to try this combination of colors. I can't locate but one of the mentioned Art Alchemy paints for purchase at this time (Mixed Media Place) - the Opal Magic Blue Gold. I also found the Light Patina but it is out of stock. Have the others - Black Berry, Emerald Green, and Deep Waters been released?

Maria Lillepruun said...

totally awesome!

Kris said...

Just finished watching the video too, pure gorgeousness, very lovely, Athanasia! Thanks a million for the inspiration!

finnabair said...

Vicky, Light Patina and other missing colours will be back in stock soon - we are hoping for the next week. Opal Magic Blue-Gold is here Other colours will be released on 1st of March so please expect them in the shop soon!

Vasso Sofou said...

wow! and wow! this is unique!! I am very proud of you!! :-)

Kim Collister said...

Simply fantastic! I can't wait to play with all these new magic paints!!

suzieq23 said...


Purvi Gadewar said...

Absolutely stunning!!! WOW!

Mona Pendleton said...

Wow! Love all the texture and rusty goodness!

Athanasia said...

Thank you ladies! I'm very happy you like it! !!