Monday, 12 November 2012

"Fragmentation" - collage peek video :)

Hi again friends - here is my new experiment with videos and YouTube!
I'm not 100% happy with all I did, but as I said before - step by step :)
So, here it goes! On my new YouTube channel there is a new short video showing some details of the collage I finished last week. I wanted to show some dimesnsion, tell you a bit more about how it was made and what supplies were used during the process.
I hope it will be helpful! :)

Sending warmest hugs!


Michelle Webb said...

Awesome Finn, it's unreal, really, it's a masterpiece. You are so very talented. Thanks for the closer look. As if you used floppy discs! Brilliant use of recycling. Michelle x

Mo said...

Your collage is out of this world? Ilove that you can look and lok and keep finding new details.
I'm beyond excited that you have a Youtube channel now! For me it is the best way to learn from you and it will actually get me to try it myself.
Thank you, Thank you.

JaMajka said...

Niewyobrażalna sprawa obejrzeć to cudo na żywo, a Twoje wideo dało mi chociaż procent tego :* Dziękuję, wspaniała sprawa!!!

snazzyoriginal said...

This piece is simply amazing with all the wonderful layers. Thank you for taking the time to show it in such detail it was really inspiring xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you this was so informative! I never realized how 3D your work was and it is amazing. Hope you do more videos! I could look at your piece for a long time to see it all and enjoy all that texture. I would love to see how you get all that color into the piece. LOVE it. Mary Werner

whyducks said...

It looks so much better on the film, love it!

The Dog River Cat House Studio said...

Thanks so much for making the video of your piece. The video really helps to show how very dimensional it is. I love the depth and colors, too!

ceparie said...

I am so impressed! I admired this piece very much before but your friends were right, seeing it up close makes me appreciate just how much detail there is. It's a beautiful composition, so graceful even with so many otherwise cold and industrial parts. I recognize the first two unknown parts, one is a faucet hole cover, the other is a vacuum tube. You provided great information, I never could have imagined how big it is or how much it weighs. You should be very very proud of your accomplishment. It is absolutely great.

As a side note, be aware of the fugutive nature of many dyes and protecting it from dust will be important too. Perhaps an acrylic box could be used to frame and protect it?

JenCozz said...

Amazingly beautiful! Seeing the dimension on video really does make it come alive! I think it's so amazing that you can turn a pile of junk into such beautiful art as this! And I love this color combination! She looks like a beautiful, confident woman who has unlocked the secret to making life beautiful with whatever the world has handed her. And who is wants to share that with others.