Friday, 24 July 2020

Male notebook by Anastasia Kuznetsova

Hello, friends!
Today I want to show you the male notebook. I created it in grunge style.

In the background, I wanted to make an imitation of metal sheets. To do this, I glued ATC cards to cardboard. Then I covered the background with Black Gesso and then added Metallique paints.

Next, I mixed the Light Paste and Metallique paint. Using a stencil, I simulated the bolts. After the paste dried, I applied Liquid Acrylics to the surface and got the effect of rusty metal. But even this seemed to me not enough. To achieve a more grungy effect, I covered the background with black Impasto paint, dried it and removed it in some places with nail polish remover. At the very end, I covered the background with satin varnish and added stamps.

I painted the chipboard decor with a Rust Effect Pastes. Using waxes and Liquid Acrylics, I changed the color of the metal embellishments. I glued the decor with Heavy Body Gel. At the very end, I added mica Flakes and Black Sand. It remains to assemble the structure and the notebook is ready.
You can watch the creation process in this video. Enjoy, Anastasi.

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