Friday, 18 May 2018

Find Your Muse

Hello my Friends!
Every artist needs a Muse and Juliya is here today with the most beautiful idea how to find one! :)
Juliya explains how she created her stunning new mixed media canvas and also shares a video tutorial.
Please enjoy and feel inspired to find your own Muse with us!

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Today I'd like to show you a new project of mine that I created feeling inspired by a beautiful photo I found on Pinterest.
When I saw this photo, I thought that this is what a Muse looks like. I wanted to make her a special guest on my new mixed media canvas. :)

I thought for a long time how to complement the gorgeous poppies from the photo and make this artwork really unique and special. 
So I added on some cut out poppies and I also decided to use pieces of glass mosaic in a beautiful burgundy tone.
The pieces of mosaic were glued with super strong 3D Gloss Gel and then I applied some Paper Texture Paste to smooth out sharp edges, fill in the cracks and add a bit more texture.
I wanted the photo and the rest of my piece to be really harmonious and to have the colors and textures corresspond with each other.
I added strips of Resist Canvas (there are many wonderful patterns to choose from!) behind my focal image and painted them with acrylic paints - a super quick and easy effect that will help you add great interest to any artwork.
I painted my backround with different kinds of Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints, starting with the lightest tones and then, gradually moving on to the darkest ones.
You will find all the paints I used in the product list below.
Some elements were covered with Black Gesso and then painted and sprayed, but most metal Mechanicals embellishments weren't painted at all. I wanted them to stand out from the background.

Final accents with Art Alchemy Waxes, Mica Powder, Art Stones and Glass Glitter and my work was ready. 
Now my Muse is whispering to me: 'embrace beautiful chaos', 'creativity takes courage'...

Please enjoy my video tutorial, and I hope that you will find your own Muse and inspiration. :)

I really love working with dark backgrounds, all the mixed media and collage elements somehow always look more mysterious this way.

You don't need to cover everything first with black gesso or paint. You can create layers of colors, from light to dark shades.
I find this process very exciting and I think all these dark pieces carry a special charm.

Hope you will try and love this effect too!
Juliya Tirskaya

Products used:

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na.olsen said...

Great piece ! I love the glass crackle mosaic material. Where can I purchase some? Thank you :)

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